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The Winmail opener opens encrypted winmail.dat files and presents text and attachments.



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Winmail Opener

Winmail opener program lets you open E-Mail attachments with the file extension DAT.

So, you can read relevant messages even if your real email client is not compatible with the format.

The E-Mail is one of the most commonly used means of communication in the world. Electronic mail is not only a short time after sending the recipient in most cases, she can also be fitted with attachments. However, not all emails with any client program are compatible: sender, 1997 or 2000 using Microsoft Outlook versions, can configure the program that it sent the attachments in TNE-encoded format. The content is then presented in the recipient's mail client as attachment named winmail.dat, and all eventually sent attachments containing the message body. The problem is that many mail clients on the receiver side often can do with the DAT format.

If you know this problem, then the program Winmail opener for you is: with him the reading of coded messages, more is not a problem. To open the corresponding file, you can pull it just drag-and drop in the Winmail opener program window. Alternatively you can use "Open file" or the command line button, to look at the annex. Then Winmail opener represents the encoded content in rich-text format, inline attachments are displayed right of the decrypted mail text.

The times of unreadable mail so the past: the simple user interface of Winmail opener can be explained entirely by itself and allows you to display the encrypted emails with just a few mouse clicks. The program is not even a half megabytes and requires minimal system resources.

Description of the version: Winmail Opener

The latest version of Winmail opener 1.4 convinces with new features and better handling when compared to its predecessors. Some small changes have been made to the clear interface, a useful options menu has been added. In this update, the problem has been fixed also that some winmail.dat files when viewing "could become" – deciphering runs now correctly. The program is multilingual and is now available in 17 languages available - among other things completely in German.

Winmail opener offers news in version 1.4

• New menu for options built into the interface
• No more problems with "hanging" files
• In a total of 17 languages available, also completely in German

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