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WinLems you got the task to bring a horde of little lemmings from the input to the output.



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If you're a fan of nostalgic computer games, WinLems is an absolute must for you. The small voles, only stubbornly straight running, will delight you. You look to the left nor to the right and run so briskly in their doom. You have the simple task, to extend their lives into the game.

If you don't know lemmings, you know at the latest after the start of the game of WinLems, what you missed so far. Lemmings are actually voles. They live underground and dig through the Earth. The little creatures in WinLems do exactly that. About her appearance, will you be maybe slightly irritated at the first moment, but after a short time, will enthuse you by the "dwarfs" in the blue suit. Granted, her green hair not just an ideal fit to the clothing, but of voles you expect certainly no style. Soon, you'll find that they're not smart. You go always stubbornly straight and not interested in their environment. This can be fast for her downfall. If you don't help them, their life ends very quickly.

If you play WinLems, it is your task to lead your team from the entrance to the exit. That sounds to you maybe, but at about 100 lemmings you have a lot to do to keep all in the eye. Ideally, you bring your entire team to the target. This is a fascinating tour for you. Because the voles encounter an obstacle, then you must intervene. This is sometimes not so easy and requires an absolute timing you. Your lemmings is constantly moving, and if is an object in the way that, for example, must be blown up, you have to almost at the same time ensure that a lemming will the bomb and overthrow the others not in the abyss. With some practice you get out quickly. In addition, you can assign your voles by clicking with the mouse specific skills such as E.g. block, climb, build bridges or parachute jump. However, there is only a limited number of these "jobs" in each level available.

If you've had enough of your lemmings, then you can end a level of the game WinLem ahead of time, by clicking on the self-destruct button. Let's try it, because you sure will like the countdown.

Description of the version: WinLems

It is your task to bring water voles from the entrance to the exit in the version 1.24 of WinLems. As in the original DOS-level, the little lemmings in the new version are not intelligent. You must save them where you help them, to remove obstacles or to overcome. The game contains about 100 different levels. You can choose the starting level in every difficulty in directly. You will reach a new level only if all your tasks are met. New in the version 1.24 is a level editor, which you can use to build their own worlds and tasks.

New features and system requirements in the version 1.24:

• Remake of the classic lemmings
Get lemmings from the input to the output on different levels •
• Level editor to create your own tasks and worlds
• Storage: 750 KB
• Operating system from Win98

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