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winLAME 2010 beta 1 is a sophisticated and useful audio en - and decoder with MP3 support.



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The variety of audio formats takes rather than down and you need a decoder and encoder that can keep up. winLAME 2010 beta 1, you can download directly from the download button on this page and then have everything you need. The operation is very simple, because winLAME 2010 beta 1 works with a kind of Wizard, which you can use to configure the conversion process. winLAME 2010 beta 1 supports a variety of audio formats and used 2 different libraries for encoding and decoding.

The encoding uses the LAME mp3 encoding library winLAME 2010 beta 1 and it can convert other audio formats in the popular MP3 format. MP3 is used mainly in mobile phones and MP3 players, to make mobile music. The MP3 encoding is high quality by the used engine according to. For the creation of nonstop playable CDs is the no cap encoding available in the breaks between the individual songs are deleted. In addition, beta 1 winLAME 2010 supports tagging, which means that title, artist and other information can be given with the MP3 songs. These can be read out of MP3 players and shown on the display.

An interesting feature of winLAME 2010 beta 1 is the audio CD extraction, called also CD ripping. This complete audio CDs are read out and converted to MP3 format. So you can easily transfer your entire CD collection onto your MP3 player and always have your favorite music. And this beta 1 with winLAME 2010 goes faster and effortless as finding music on the Internet and to download from the portals. Still you can use 2010 beta 1 presets with winLAME, to adapt the individual functions and to not even be a. For all functions in an HTML Help file is available, so you can look up whatever about questions.

Features of winLAME 2010 beta 1:

• Audio decoder and encoder
• User friendly interface
• Support for many formats
• CD audio extraction
• German and English version available
• Open source freeware

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winLAME 2010 beta 1 is a development by Michael Fink, who is known in the SourceForge open source community under the pseudonym "vividos". winLAME 2010 beta 1 is a real open source project, to which the corresponding source code available. The licensing is under the GNU GPL.

Description of the version: winLAME

winLAME 2010 allows you to still higher and higher quality encoding and decoding of audio files in all formats (. mp3, .ogg, .aac, .wav, .aiff, .au, .voc, .wma) as well as the rip audio-CD BB´s. Multiple codecs to improve the possibilities of the coding and decoding it excels in a user-friendly operation, its small size and the additional use. The current version has a uniform designation of input - and output file, as well as recording a new version of the codec libFlac.dll improve the quality of the conditions.

The most important innovations of winLAME 2010 beta 2

• Optimization and troubleshooting of encoding and decoding
• Recording of the current version of the codec libFlac.dll to expand the capabilities of the coding and decoding
• Unified system in the naming of the input and output files

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