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WinIQSIM 4.40 is not a program for beginners, but a useful aid for professionals.



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WinIQSIM 4.40 simulated completely, specifically digital transmission systems (so-called transmissions) to analyze and evaluate a scientific lab. WinIQSIM 4.40 offers all the required tools are required to adjust processes of a modulation and reception of signals for this purpose. WinIQSIM 4.40 allows you to define blocks of data sources, configure them and even distortion or errors can be simulated so.

The program is highly complex and requires more than just a certain habituation and training period. Beginners will come relatively quickly to their limits. Who deals with WinIQSIM 4.40 but very intense and takes time, is obtained sooner or later the reward for his effort. A challenging accessibility of WinIQSIM 4.40 due among other things to the instructions which you can follow often is difficult and requires a frequent try and try.

WinIQSIM 4.40 is provided by the manufacturer of Rohde & Schwarz for free and also offers a comprehensive service via the website. WinIQSIM 4.40 is quickly installed with its 14.7 megabytes and exudes an air of science. WinIQSIM 4.40 is worth a look for all, to be impressed by its complexity. An induction is worth only for connoisseurs of matter. If you feel grown WinIQSIM 4.40, it invite friends via the appropriate download button down.

WinIQSIM 4.40 in the overview:

• Simulates a scientific laboratory environment.
• Including analysis and evaluation tools.
• Test modulation and reception of digital signals.
• Includes manufacturer's service.
• For professionals an invaluable aid.
• For Win2000/NT/XP/2003 and Vista.

WinIQSIM 4.40 and Rohde & Schwarz

The program of WinIQSIM 4.40 is the electronics company Rohde & Schwarz developed and marketed. Rohde & Schwarz is an established provider measurement, radio monitoring and tracking, broadcasting and mission-critical wireless communications in the areas. The company was founded 75 years ago, and operates in over 70 countries around the world. About 7,400 employees is one of the Group and has a turnover of 1.2 billion euro. 80% of income comes from exports, only 20% of turnover have been implemented nationally. The headquarters of the electronics company Rohde & Schwarz is located in Munich and is thanks to his know-how to the global technology leaders.

Description of the version: WinIQSIM

The new version of WinIQSIM has some extensions that brings the advantage of additional standards support, and even better can be used to make the software so. So the DAB/T-DMB standard and the Tetra are supported with the current release now 2 standard. The EX-IQ-box was integrated into the new version of WinIQSIM, and for SMBV, there is a remote control via browser.

WinIQSIM's new features in the current version of

• Support of the DAB / T-DMB standards
• Support of the Tetra 2 standards
• Integration of the EX-IQ box
• Remote control for SMBV via browser
• The constellation diagram display error fixed

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