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WinHex 15.6 is comfortable and flexible in the application and offers many features.



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WinHex 15.6 offers you the possibility to facilitate the manipulation of complex data extracts by a comfortable layout in different modules. In WinHex 15.6 a disc Editor as well as a RAM editor has. The data interpreter integrated in WinHex 15.6 understands 20 different file types. Also has WinHex 15.6 very well-thought-out search capabilities, which greatly facilitate finding the files that you want to manipulate you.

The disc editor in WinHex 15.6 works easily with all logical and physical drives. The hex editor supports drives so in FAT16 - FAT32, NTFS, and CDFS system completely trouble-free. The RAM editor in WinHex 15.6 gives you an access to the virtual memory of all processes. Conveniently, WinHex 15.6 copies all data from the Clipboard. WinHex has a variety of professional editing capabilities for all possible file types. Especially when you have to sit apart with the programming of new software, this program will be you a practical help.

If you want to try WinHex 15.6, you click the download button only. The free trial version is installed in a matter of seconds, if you follow the instructions on your screen. The temporal use of the trial version is not limited, however, not all features of WinHex 15.6 available are friends. You can edit files with the test version up to 200 kilobytes. In the disc editor you can save but not changed sectors, and the use of virtual memory is also not in full. However, you have the opportunity to secure the possession of the full version of WinHex 15.6 friends through a paid registration. After successful payment, you will receive the unlock code by email and thus also the full functionality of the program.

The possibilities of WinHex 15.6

• Splitting of complex files in modules
• Integrated disc - and RAM editor
• Integrated data interpretation
• Comfortable search functions
• Copies data from the Clipboard
• Supports all logical and physical drives

System requirements and download

WinHex 15.6 was designed for the Windows operating systems, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you're using Windows Vista operating system, some features are restricted. Physical memory does not open. The trial version with a limited feature set is available free to download on the Internet. The download file size is 1.4 megabytes and only slightly impacted your system resources.

Description of the version: WinHex

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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