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Wings of fury is a free online game where you play the role of a pilot.



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Wings of Fury

The action at wings of fury is very straightforward: you play a pilot of the Navy must who kill enemy soldiers during the Pacific war and their ships, aircraft, and bunkers destroyed. You fly a fighter-bomber by the type of F6F Hellcat and start your missions from an aircraft carrier off. Wings of fury makes you do your tasks following weapons at your disposal: machine gun, bombs, rockets, and a torpedo. The machine gun is you always available and be used against soldiers and aircraft. You have to fill again the other weapons on the aircraft carrier, where you can insert only a weapon type at the same time. But caution! Wings of fury not mind easily fulfilling your mission. Enemy flak and interceptors harass you and sometimes your aircraft carrier.

The control is simple with wings of Fury: you can navigate the plane with the arrow keys on your keyboard. With these buttons you can choose height, direction, and speed. The aircraft loses but on altitude and speed as soon as the direction keys are no longer served. Wings of fury shows at the bottom right, which you have just loaded weapons and ammunition. Bottom left, the fuel level will be shown. As soon as it enters the critical zone, it is said: immediately back to the aircraft carrier and refuel. Wings of fury concludes that you return after the mission to the aircraft carrier and land there. Wings of fury is also notorious for the heavy taxes of the aircraft — particularly the landing on the aircraft carrier is a challenge to the navigation capacity of the pilot.

Wings of fury is an online game which you can download for free with us. A click on the download button and you can show what you've got with wings of fury!

The most important thing about wings of fury soon:

• Free online game for single player
• Control via keyboard or joystick
• Runs on Windows 98 / 2000 / me or XP
• The file size is only 2.4 MB.
• Simple rules - instant gaming fun
• USK 18

Background and history of wings of Fury:

The shooter has already been 1988 for the Apple II and PC (DOS) developed, in 1989 for the Amiga computer. There is also a game boy version. Wings of fury was used in 1992 by the Federal Review Board for youth at risk media on the index. There is also another version, in which a soldier eliminated enemy soldiers.

Description of the version: Wings of Fury

The computer game wings of fury was very popular at that time in the early days of the computer. Now, you can once again be a captain of a combat Hunter in the new version of this game. Also in the new version, your base is an aircraft carrier, which is located in the Pacific Ocean. The new version offers a very good graphics and a simple handling of the game.

Features in the new version of wings of fury

• Required operating system: Win 98, win 2000, Win ME, win XP
• 3D graphics and special effects
• Easy control of the game using the arrow keys

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