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"Wings 3D" gives you a versatile graphics software with compelling features.



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Wings 3D

So far, did you bring your drawings two-dimensionally on the screen and want to finally give your works spatial depth. With the graphics program "Wings 3D" you create your own three-dimensional images in an easy way.

"Wings 3D" is a free graphics program, which you can use to model your own three-dimensional figures. Sure you have to first just practice, but after quite a short time should "Wings 3D" soon impressive drawings or paintings succeed you, even if you're still an absolute novice in the field of 3D design. But also as intermediate, you attractive possibilities using the free software. However, you need some knowledge of English, because program and homepage of the manufacturer are kept in this language.

To make individual models or complete scenarios with "Wings 3D", you have several options. The manual with the obvious commands makes it easy the creation right. As a beginner you can together individual items from a wide variety of forms for a model for example like in a puzzle, until you have a kind of basic character, which looks like a slightly edgy wireframe model. You're more advanced, you can create also your own items for it. Your entire plan is ready, you added your objects with the appropriate surfaces from the existing pool of texture and your looking deceptively real 3D image is ready. In order to be able to handle something more flexible, you should a 3-button mouse use however, because unlike when working in a usual graphics tablet you at "Wings 3D" preferably with the mouse. "Wings 3D", with which you can access to even more 3D programs, running the operating systems win 2000, win XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. About the official manufacturer's website "", you can get the program for Linux and Mac OS. Here you can find also a large Gallery with finished image examples.

Description of the version: Wings 3D

Version 1.4.1 of the 3D-Grafikprogrammes "Wings 3D" offers innovative ways to make your individual three-dimensional images in a short time and without much effort. Numerous functions and a clear operation menu make easy your creative work. Also you the finished image samples on the Web site of the manufacturer will stimulate new ideas. Also here, because the software is also operable on multiple platforms, you have a certain flexibility.

A graphics program with many uses

• Easy to learn function descriptions
• Model design with prefabricated graphics elements
• Wide choice of systems
• Access to other 3D programs
• Even for beginners easy to use
• Creation of large images

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