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The video converter WinFF can convert videos in different formats.



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Converting videos must be no difficult task for you, if you are using the correct tool. WinFF is a tool and offers practically all modern video formats for conversion.

If you deal with videos on your computer have to do and want to play different media on different devices, you certainly knows the problem of incompatible formats. Even if a video on your PC is running, it must be still long for your Smartphone or your tablet. For this reason, the small freeware utility WinFF offers you everything from one source, you need to convert videos. It plays no role in which output format are the videos and what target format you want to convert. With this tool you can convert quickly and securely all your videos. The cumbersome search ends with WinFF for you after the correct converter on the Internet that you wouldn't have to re-download for every new format. WinFF is a much easier way and easily provides support for all video formats on the market. Converting videos is never been so easy with this useful little tool.

WinFF can convert not only individual videos for you, but all archives in a single pass. The software allows you the comfortable selection of different video files and lets you then set the conversion parameters. Then, the commands are automatically applied to all selected files. Converting videos has never been easier!

The development of WinFF
The useful little tool WinFF is developed under free license by the programmer Matthew Weatherford. The tool is continuously expanded with new formats for conversion.

Description of the version: WinFF

The video converter WinFF in the new version 1.3.2 once again offers a larger range of functions. From now the ALAC formats and Flash screen video, the Windows formats WMA and WMV, SWF (Flash), the real media formats RealAudio and RealVideo support. The videos can be converted to these formats in any combination of output and output format. In addition, the command line is now easier to use, so that even beginners quickly lead to results.

The new features of the tools WinFF 1.3.2

• Still greater support of popular video formats
• Clean user interface
• Better translation of the menus
• Still easier entry for laity in the field
• Improvements to the command line

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