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Winexposé brings overview and order on Windows machine and will embellish even your desktop.



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Gone are the days in which Windows users jealous operating systems had to overlook function of which counterparts due to the practical exposé. With Winexposé returns now finally also on the Microsoft operating systems order and peace. Winexposé offers you convenient features and flexible configuration options to match your desktop. With simple keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures, you can arrange all open Windows and programs open and then manage, delete and more. This type of window zapping is not only useful but also fun.

Winexposé can automatically load at system startup and you freely configure, for example, where you all functions on the shortcuts you want or mouse movements put. You can even the classic "alt" + "Tab" for Winexposé use layout and send the old Windows Task Manager finally retires. The change and the appearance of the Windows are carried out with impressive animations. In addition, it can be free or manually set the speed and the appearance of various options. A language pack with six different languages is also the Winexposé (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian). The installation of Winexposé is completely straightforward and after a few clicks, you are already able to light up your desktop in a new light.

Winexposé is available free for Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. DirectX 7 capable graphics cards ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce FX is recommended for the use of Winexposé. Should you be curious, then the free program Winexposé download simply provides the download button on this page down. You'll see how quickly you can get used to this kind of comfort.

Winexposé in the overview:

• Offers you a chic design.
• Provides flexible configuration options.
• Low system power consumption.
• Offers you a simple and convenient handling.
• Offers visually appealing animations.
• Optionally via shortcut - or mouse control can be operated.

Winexposé and its roots

The freeware program was developed by the South Americans Matías Moreno. He wanted to create a practical and above all also visually appealing alternative to dusty and tough task manager. The success of Winexposé proved that the Windows community had already waited for such an practical innovation.

Description of the version: WinExposé

What has always been a tightly integrated component in Apple's OSX operating system, becomes reality with WinExposé for Windows users. WinExposé gives you an overview of all open Windows, and can be quickly and easily between Windows switch back and forth you. Here you can customize the display of the window. A mouse click is enough to jump in the preview image displayed and the corresponding application.

WinExposé brings OSX comfort on Windows systems

• OSX comfort now also on Windows systems
• Quick and easy navigation within the program window
• Previews of all active and passive Windows
• For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

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