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The Windows XP Service Pack 3 resolves important vulnerabilities and extends the operating system.



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Windows XP Service Pack

Windows XP has become a popular and stable operating system for the PC. Windows XP Service Pack 3 fixes vulnerabilities that were obvious in the operation of the system fully automatic. To update your computer, you need perform only the automatic update of your computer. If you download the full Windows XP Service Pack 3 and burn on CD, you can ensure your computer with Windows XP Service Pack 3 after a clean installation of your system, before you create an Internet connection. In this way you not risk infecting your computer with a virus, if you create an Internet connection without Windows XP Service Pack 3 to perform an automatic update using the update tool.

The Windows XP Service Pack 3 is especially important, because the support for all versions of Windows prior to Windows XP Service Pack 3 is set. July 13, 2010, an automatic update of the operating system with the latest patches and bug fixes is possible only if you have installed Windows XP Service Pack 3 on the computer. If you're browsing with your computer on the Internet, the Windows XP Service Pack 3 is important, so that you're still protected through the most recent updates that are released after Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 can be downloaded easily. Before you download must be used to ensure only that there is enough space on the destination drive. It is a good idea to save Windows XP Service Pack 3 on a disk, so you must go online to any new installations of Windows not without Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Other new features of the Windows Service Pack 3:

• Describes the security options with help text.
• The network access protection (NAP) enables the administrator to impose on single-user computers security requirements to gain access to the network.
• The latest WPA encryption for wireless networks is available with the update.
• The Windows Installer no longer asks for a product key.
• Update your system is experiencing an increase in performance and runs faster.
• Microsoft core MSXML services software library is in version 6.0 available.

The Windows XP system a fresh start for the Windows system

The first versions of Windows were nothing more than graphical user interfaces for the MS-DOS operating system. The Windows XP operating system is released in the year 2001. The operating system was an innovation compared to the previous version because old MS-DOS program routines, which were used in all previous versions are no longer used. It is the first Microsoft operating system that is also available in a 64-bit version. The system has enjoys great popularity, and still like it is used because it is very stable.

Description of the version: Windows XP Service Pack

Also some additions such as Windows Installer 3.1, Background Intelligent Transfer Service (bits) 2.5, core XML Services 6.0 or management console (MMC) 3.0 Windows XP Service Pack 3 includes various patches and updates. The network access protection security feature is one of the most important new features of Windows XP Service Pack 3. To install Service Pack 3, a previous version - Service Pack 1 or 2 - is required.

This has to offer Windows XP Service Pack 3

• Contains various patches and updates.
• New network access protection security feature.
• Offers a new version of Windows Installer 3.1.
• Includes Background Intelligent Transfer Service (bits) 2.5.
• Core XML Services 6.0.
• Management Console (MMC) 3.0.

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