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The PowerToys for Windows XP offer many practical tools and tuning options.



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Windows XP PowerToys

You don't like the design of your search window? Instead of for many years having to stare at buttons, that you never used, you can decide what to display the Windows Explorer left the contents of the folder with PowerToys itself. It is possible the most famous of the PowerToys Tweak UI. You want to somewhere else your music or video folder, as under the path proposed by Windows? Do you use no password, but still see a prompt at each startup? When Windows switches on stubborn, you can remedy UI tweak.

The PowerToys offer many more improvements than XP users. For example, the power calculator is a scientific calculator. He understands complex formulas; so, you can upgrade your PC of higher mathematics with the PowerToys. With SyncToy, you can integrate an application in your operating system, which allows you to install files on different devices - FlashDisk, cameras, MP3 players - automatically on the same level. These and many PowerToys XP make a more powerful operating system.

The PowerToys can make your PC not only practical, but also beautiful. So generated the CD Slideshow generator - as its name implies - a slide show of the images that are burned to a CD. The Virtual Desktop Manager offers four different desk surfaces between which you can jump back and forth. The PowerToys are easy to use, if you know a little English.

PowerToys: The most interesting tools

• Tweak UI personalizes your Windows user interface
• Power Calculator is a graphing calculator for advanced
• with Image Resizer you can put images in Explorer by clicking in the right size
• SyncToy syncs your files on any storage device
• CD slide show generator offers you a slideshow with images on a CD
• Language: English

The PowerToys package

The first package of PowerToys released Microsoft in 1996. These PowerToys were planned as an addition to Windows 95. They included features that standard belong to Windows: QuickRes for example made it possible to change the screen resolution without having to restart the PC. CDAutoPlay made the AutoPlay feature, which was intended originally only for audio CDs, available on all CDs. The first version of Tweak UI was also included in this package, and made it possible to modify the user interface and graphical effects of your operating system the tuners under the PC owners. While the PowerToys for Windows 95 as a total package was offered, you can download the tools that belong to the XP package individually.

Description of the version: Windows XP PowerToys

With the PowerToys for Windows XP, you can extend your XP operating system to 14 additional functions. The Tweak UI lets you optimize for example many system settings and even easier to make the operation of Windows. Another of the PowerToys, manufactures again your system files after a total crash, without having to reinstall Windows. Get free tools to check your XP license individually or as a bundle.

The main features of PowerToys

• Tweak UI optimizes the system settings.
• The color control panel calibrated the colors.
• SyncToy improves the synchronization between your computer and other mobile media.
• The power calculator can calculate such as functions and graphically.

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