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Windows SteadyState offers user-rights management and different security settings.



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Windows SteadyState

Windows SteadyState is a program for computers sharing multiple users or used in public places such as Internet Cafés for example. Changes the permissions, administrators can prevent unauthorized system and file changes.

After the launch of Windows SteadyState, you see the home screen in front of you. With the function "User Settings", you can change existing user accounts or create new. In addition to the user accounts, you can set whether changes to the system should be prevented, the maximum duration of use per application, whether the computer should be restarted after logoff of the user and the usual information such as password and user photo. Then you select one of four prefabricated security levels. Under "General Restrictions", you can make and register of further under "feature restrictions" to the Internet settings settings for Windows. On the last page of the wizards, you can see all installed programs and can prevent its execution thereon.

There are three setting functions on the home page of Windows SteadyState. Under "Set Computer Restrictions" you can manage general rules to the private sphere, the "Documents and settings" folder, to the storage of user profiles and security. With the menu item "Schedulded Software Updates", you can manage Windows and antivirus updates. The calculator is a pure Internet calculator, you can activate the last function "Disc Protection". This all changes in a disk cache is stored and deleted when you shut down the computer.

You can download Windows SteadyState for free with us. The application runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista. The previous version ran under the name of "Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit". Should you uninstall them before you are installing Windows SteadyState, because it might cause problems.

Description of the version: Windows SteadyState

The current version of Windows SteadyState is now compatible with Windows Vista. It offers you the flexible management of user rights for one or more user accounts. You can prevent unauthorized changes or access to computers, which are used by multiple users with different security settings. You can perform customizations of the start menu and avoid running unknown software. With the "disc protector", you're setting up a disk cache.

The most important innovations of the Windows SteadyState version 2.5

• Now Windows Vista compatible
• Management of individual user rights
• Setting up a disk cache
• Prevent unauthorized changes
• Customizations of the start menu
• Prevent executing unknown programs

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