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The Windows Movie Maker offers many ways to create and edit videos.



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Windows Movie Maker 12

With the 'Windows Movie Maker', cut, vertonst, and you strukturierst your digital movies.

The Windows Movie Maker 12 offers many opportunities to create and edit videos and is still easy to use. Open the program and select the storyboard or the timeline view. Click on an any clip in Windows Movie Maker 12 with the right mouse button and let you show the range of editing possibilities. Choose the auto-film feature for making fast. Look at the video project in Storyboard view as filmstrips and thus each scene of the clip. In the storyboard, click the audio bar and add a music file (E.g. WAV) to your video clip. Change to the Windows Movie Maker 12 with one click in the timeline view and soon video and audio. Route still images and import any number of frames. Cut video and audio sequences and any segments put together seamlessly. Use the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts in the Windows Movie Maker 12 and multiply the clips and delete or copy individual parts.

Sharpness or tones your video clip to trim it on antique. Import footage in Windows Movie Maker, 12, for example, through a video camera or a scanner. Here are the formats of WMV / ASF, MPG (MPEG-1), AVI (DV-AVI), WMA, WAV and MP3 in Windows Movie Maker 12 accepted. Use the drag- and -drop function to select images and sounds. One of the effects that the program includes, add and increase or decrease the image speed, for example. In addition, you can transfer this way color in black and white or sepia. Experiment in the Windows Movie Maker 12 with the sound and make it louder or quieter. Just delete items, if you don't like them.

You can also download the Windows Movie Maker 12 with us. Simply click on the download button to download the Windows Movie Maker 12.

Other Windows Movie Maker 12 features:

• Many transition effects!
• Choose between analogue and digital sources.
• Save individual stills from videos!
• Create your own title with title generator!
• Look at your video on the TV!
• Use the Movie Maker to edit and publish audio tracks!

History of the 12 Windows Movie Maker:

The first version, the Windows Movie Maker 1.0, was released in 2000 for Windows Me and supported DV AVI and WMV 8 files. A year later he followed with new features of Windows Movie Maker 1.1 for Windows XP. Followed by 2002, version 2.0 for Windows XP Windows and 2004 of the Windows Movie Maker 2.1 in Windows XP SP2. In the same year she released the version 2.5 in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 with more transitions, and support for DVD burning. Finally the appeared Windows Movie Maker 6.0 for Windows Vista, and 12 in 2006.

Description of the version: Windows Movie Maker 12

The current version of Windows Movie Maker can come up with some very useful new features and editing tools. If necessary you can now take an own narration to your video editing or integrate also a previously defined music. In this way, your videos are more personal and more interesting. The arrangement of individual sequences is now even easier through the drag -and-drop functionality, you can easily use optimized.

The main new features of the current version of Windows Movie Maker

• simpler structure of each video sequence
• Insert own narration
• musical accompaniments can be integrated
• the effect palette has been expanded and redesigned also clearly

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