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With Windows Media Player 11 you can among other things play music and videos, manage and burn.



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Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player will play music and videos, manage your library and can burn them on a medium.

The Windows Media Player 11 is very easy to use. This eleventh, improved version features a new design that is very clear. So you can trade all your files easily with Windows Media Player 11: from a small selection of your current favorite songs up to large music collections. In the new Windows Media Player 11, menus and navigation were revised and optimized so that you can easily find your favorite music or favorite videos.

The new features of Windows Media Player 11 will allow you a new experience of your music and video collection. With the new and improved features of Windows Media Player 11, you can easily manage huge music collections - after all, this is becoming increasingly important, because downloading on the Internet is becoming increasingly popular. Another new feature of Windows Media Player 11 is the mobility: you can connect to your library, no matter where you just shut up. New synchronization features ensure that you can have fun with your music. There are such as random synchronization, reverse synchronization, and guest synchronization. And the sync indicator, you have the operation at a glance. Also the "Burn" tab has been optimized for the new Windows Media Player 11: A fill level indicator and the "cross-CD burning" option facilitate you burning new CDs.

You can download the Windows Media Player 11 free with us. Just click on the button "Download" and already downloaded the Windows Media Player 11 on your PC. Also for PC novices, this is not difficult, because the installation wizard explains you step by step what to do.

Other features of Windows Media Player 11:

Best practices for managing audio and video library •
• Fast and accurate search
• Keep track: album cover views throughout the library
• New functions for CD burning
• New features for easy sync
• All easy - navigation even easier

Microsoft Windows and Windows Media Player 11

The Windows Media Player 11 is a player software, which offers the company Microsoft PC operating system Microsoft Windows. The media player is available on any PC with Microsoft Windows, it comes with more or less. This close connection has been criticized repeatedly by competition advocates, then Microsoft, the versions of Windows XP Home Edition N, decided to offer Windows Vista Home Basic N, and Windows Vista Business N without the Windows Media Player.

Description of the version: Windows Media Player

New, with the latest version of Windows Media Player, you can enjoy your music. Your own personal music collection is now even faster and easier to manage with just a few mouse clicks. A significant simplification of controls makes it even easier access to your favorite music. The operation of the media library, as well as the copying of CDs is possible in this new version even faster: for music enjoyment on the whole line.

The new Windows Media Player 11 at a glance

• Redesigned controls
• Clear management of the library
• Improved audio detection for all supported file types
• New features for synchronization
• Clear design

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