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Windows Live Messenger offers chats, Internet telephony, games and much more. Free download!



  • License: Freeware
  • Downloads: 23.569
  • Updated: 26.10.2013

Windows Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is no longer available since the March 2013. Instead, Skype is offered here for downloading. Skype you can use with your old Windows Live Messenger account and Windows Live Messenger is in no functions.

Windows Live Messenger is the ultimate tool, quickly and free of charge with your friends to chat. The operation of the Windows Live Messenger is very simple and clear. If you have started the program, you're immediately online and connected via chat, voice or video calling with your friends, unless they have also an account with Windows Live Messenger. It is great that you can use the program worldwide. No matter whether your chat partner is sitting only three streets further or in Honolulu.

The operation of the Windows Live Messenger is very simple. In your personal home screen you can see all of your friends and their status. This means that you know who always online right now. With a double-click on the respective friend you can write instantly message him. You can spice up your message with funny emoticons. The personal home screen lists all friends and their current status (online, offline or absent, because busy). What is also extremely practical: the chat window of the Windows Live Messenger can be arbitrarily large, so that you can also discreetly by the way chat, without that it is striking. In your profile, you can upload a photo and your friends see you whenever they write to you.

Do you have a webcam? Then connect them to the PC and you can talk via video chat. Windows Live Messenger is for those who have Windows as operating system on their computer to use free of charge. Simply download the program in our portal. After the installation you can find the Windows Live Messenger click Start, in the program files folder. Once there you are looking for the Windows Live folder and open them with a single click. You start Windows Live Messenger also per kick. So you can have it easier next time, just choose the right mouse button: "PIN to taskbar". So you need to start in the future only a quick click on the task bar to the Windows Live Messenger.

Facts about Windows Live Messenger:

• Developer: Microsoft
• Operating system: Windows
• Category: Instant Messaging
• License: freeware
• Language: German
• Version: 2010

Operating system for Windows Live Messenger

The successor of MSN Messenger from Microsoft is called Windows Live Messenger, short WLM. This new instant-messaging program is only available for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows Live Messenger is a freeware and runs without problems under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It is a simple and quick means of communication with your friends for you, if you sit at the PC and online.

Description of the version: Windows Live Messenger

The new version of Windows Live Messenger offers many new features. Through communication with various social networks you are what your friends on Facebook and co. are always up to date. The function "Tabbed Conversations" combines all your ongoing interactions in a window. With the new banners, you take care of an individual design. Also, chat can be now also in HD quality!

He offers these new features of Windows Live Messenger 2011

• Communicate with your friends on Facebook MySpace etc.,
• More comprehensive overview by the "Tabbed Conversations" feature
• Individual design through new banner
• Video chat is now also available in HD

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