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Windows Live mesh allows for a simple data synchronization of files on multiple devices.



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Windows Live Mesh

With Windows Live mesh, you can store all your data on various computers and synchronize. Especially for professionals that want to access on the weekend on the one or the other file on your work PC, Windows Live mesh offers many possibilities.

Windows Live mesh is part of the Windows Live Essentials suite. It is a free software for simple data synchronization. The program enables the building of a network among multiple computers. Of course, access to the files is protected by a password. However, you can access with just a few clicks on all shared folders. So you send you files no longer email itself or awkward save on a USB stick. It is particularly useful that you can grant access to specific folders also friends or your family. So, it can be easily exchanged pictures, texts or videos.

Windows Live mesh is installed on a PC with an Internet connection, you can simply login with your Windows Live ID and selected password and synchronize your PCs. All personal folders and shared folders and devices on the network are displayed you, so that you keep getting an overview of your data. You can automatically initiate synchronization on all PCs on the network, or copy individual files on selected devices. You can sync with Windows Live mesh also browser settings and Favorites, so you can have access from anywhere on your favorite sites on the net.

The simple design of the typical white and blue Windows and the intuitive user interface provide a relaxed working. Windows Live mesh is a freeware for the operating systems win 2003 server and win 2008 Server and available for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download available on our site free of charge for you.

Description of the version: Windows Live Mesh

Windows Live mesh 2011, the new version of Windows Live mesh, offers all the advantages of the Vorgängerprogrammes. With Windows Live mesh 2011, you can quickly and easily with each other to synchronize multiple computer Vista and 7 users of operating systems and data. This data can be stored in personal or shared folders, can be divided depending on whether they should remain private, or with other users. So, you can connect your PCs now also on Windows 7 and access your data from almost anywhere.

Functions of the current version of Windows Live mesh 2011

• For Windows Vista and 7
• Networking multiple computers together
• Quick and easy synchronization of devices
• Transfer of data
• Sharing of folders for friendly users

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