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Windows Live Mail is a free email client that manages E-mail, appointments, and contacts.



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Windows Live Mail

Organize your life from one location. Don't you feel? There we go! With Windows Live Mail, the email client from Microsoft, you can easily manage E-mail, contacts, appointments and photos with a single program.

Windows Live Mail is the successor to the E-Mail client Outlook Express and Windows Mail running on operating systems XP and Vista. The freeware program has been available since 2007 and will help you to organize your PC.

With the E-Mail client you can get all your E-Mail accounts, no matter from which provider. The program supports both POP3 and IMAP accounts. Adding new accounts is easy and takes just a few clicks. You need enter only the email address and password, and already you will receive all your email safely and easily in one place. This saves hassle login on different Internet sites and E-Mail letter makes it even easier. For a better overview, Windows Live mail email of accounts in different mailboxes sorted. So you keep an overview of all accounts. And of course, the E-Mail program offers features such as a spell checker so that your mails will be sent always flawlessly.

You can also read your email offline with Windows Live Mail, edit. If an Internet connection is sent. The spam filter recognises advertising mails automatically and protects you and your PC from unwanted viruses. And also the administration of appointments and contacts in Windows Live Mail. If you have subscribed to various RSS feeds, Windows Live Mail also helps you manage. For one, you can collect different RSS feeds in a folder and so the feeds in a clear overview. On the other hand, you can reply simply email the author. If you want to, you can organize your entire PC life with Windows Live Mail and manage.

Description of the version: Windows Live Mail

With Windows Live Mail 2011 managing E-Mails is now clear. In the new version, you can activate the "Conversations" feature, allowing messages with the same subject are grouped together. In addition, you can display all messages in a conversation or hide. In addition, Windows Live Mail access has on the online calendar by MSN, Windows Live spaces and Windows Messenger chat program. In particular the sending of photos is even easier with the new version. The photos in albums to look at available through Windows Live SkyDrive.

New features in Windows Live Mail 2011

• Grouping of messages
• Fade out messages into "Conversations"
• Access to online calendar
• Connection with Windows Live spaces and the Messenger
• Send photos via Windows Live SkyDrive
• Improved menu bar

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