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The Windows Live Photo Gallery, the all-round carefree package for image management and usage.



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Windows Live Fotogalerie

With the easiest and most intuitive way to edit photos on your local computer, organize, and even publish. The Windows Live Photo Gallery offers a large amount of useful features free.

Who knows not the big problem. Man shoots his photos and uploads them on your own computer. Then you want his images on Facebook upload and realize they are too big or but you have so many different folders, that they are no longer found. There, the Windows Live Photo Gallery can help.

When you start the program for the first time, awaits you a surface that is based on the 2007 and 2010 Office products from Microsoft; simple, easy and intuitive. So, you can select at lightning speed, which folders you want to monitor Windows Live Photo Gallery or synchronize. Also the "tagging" feature which you automatically detect to let faces and they can then on the other hand "tagging" is handy. So you can give your friends name which can then be found using the search. The images for your use are too big, then you're simply small them. Individual work friends to drab, you can add a few effects. However, the Windows Live Photo Gallery goes even further. If you like to upload photos on the Facebook platform, then you need to just select your images, press the button on Facebook and Windows Live Photo Gallery takes over the complete rest, such as converting in the necessary format, reducing, and upload. Are including pictures of your friends that you have previously "tagged", then are these on request even directly linked.

You download the file via the "Download" button, you get the 'Installer' for the Windows Live Essentials. If you are not going to use the other programs, you're just the hook at the Windows Live Photo Gallery actively.

Description of the version: Windows Live Fotogalerie

The 2011 version of Windows Live Photo Gallery has enjoyed a thorough revision of the optics compared to the predecessor. Therefore, the controls were adapted to the current products of the Office series. Publishing options were significantly increased when compared to the 2009 version, and therefore offer possibilities of upload to Flickr, Facebook, blogs etc. With this abundance of features that neat tidy occur in the new version, you're prepared for any flood of images.

Interesting features of the Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011

• Upload to different platforms (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)
• Extensive sorting functions
• Batcherkennung and mark by persons
• Fast selection and synchronizing folders
• Image editing and image presentation capabilities
• Combination of different elements to create a video

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