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Windows Live Essentials. A large package of functionality that facilitates you to life on your PC.



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Windows Live Essentials

Microsoft even offers some programs that can facilitate your daily life on the PC. These programs such as Windows Live hot summarized writer and Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Mail: Windows Live Essentials.

A useful program for every age in multimedia using the PC. Here, you will help Microsoft Windows Live Essentials. Starting with image organization, write about blog posts and upload, create movies, edit emails, to replace communication via Messenger and an interface to these things with another PC.

Windows Live Messenger is the first, and provides the interface to the outside. With this, you can communicate with your friends (via keyboard, webcam and microphone or) and talk about it, have yet to offer the Windows Live Essentials. The Windows Live Photo Gallery brings order to the chaos of your multimedia and cleans up images and videos, organize them in folders and you can then process them or post in one of your favourite portals. Windows Live Movie Maker makes you the Director and let your creativity run free. Here, you can add your self shot videos and to make small films. Again here the direct link to portals like YouTube, Facebook, etc. With Windows Live mail you the little brother of Outlook brought with, the more modern than was trimmed on business. Nevertheless, you have all the features you already familiar with Outlook, available, such as the calendar or your contacts. The Windows Live Writer allows for different blog systems like WordPress, your posts offline to design and create these then directly upload and demand and to publish. With family safety, you brought a backup which your children stored on unpleasant sides to reach.

All in all the Windows Live Essentials are a comprehensive package, which significantly enhances the modern PC in its ease of use and usability.

Description of the version: Windows Live Essentials

In contrast to the previous versions of the Windows Live Essentials, especially the look has gotten a few fresh trains. In the 2011 version no longer is Windows Live Movie Maker only as a beta version, but included as an integral part. It therefore has a wealth of features and effects more than before. Especially the live expanded writer additional interfaces and options, that further facilitate working with blog systems. Furthermore, a new interface to the synchronization of two or more PCs is implemented.

Windows Live Essentials, the feature list

• Live Writer, blog administration system
• Live Movie Maker, the Director on the hard disk
• Live Mail, Outlook's little brother
• Live Messenger, the Messenger in Microsoft quality
• Family safety, parental controls
With other PC's sync Live mesh,

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