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Windows Font Generator

The new Windows font generator is a very popular font editing program. The user interface is self-explanatory and therefore very suitable for beginners. Become the font designer and create your own fonts. Thus, you can always customize your documents and impress your friends. Windows font generator has a variety of drawing tools that you can use to create extravagant TrueType or OpenType fonts. Your friend will recognize a document from you at any time in future because your writing will be unique, just like your handwriting. The new Windows font generator will assist you.

If you want to create a new font, the new Windows font generator displays an overview of all available character friends. This will help you create a functional font. Give your creativity free rein. Windows font generator allows you to realize your imagination. Missing characters are added quickly and automatically by the program. Also imported signatures or company logos, as well as your own handwriting the Windows font generator can identify and edit. The program is even able to import vector images. As a result, the processing for image editing programs is much easier.

In the Professional Edition of the Windows font generator, built-in font validation features to check your generated fonts on their quality and optimize allow you. Thus, the creation of high-quality fonts is a no-brainer. No matter whether you're a type designer, a graphic designer or just a hobbyist with a fun new fonts, the Windows font generator has the right tool for you. The new version of the Windows font generator contains a variety of new tools and features that even font houses can benefit from.

The new Windows font generator in the near future:

• You can create TrueType and OpenType fonts and edit.
• Existing characters can replaced newly designed and lack of friends.
• Does it include possible up to 65,535 glyphs per font.
• Incorrectly displayed fonts are fixed by the program.
• Before each installation you can look at the new font.
• Your new fonts are installed in Windows.

System requirements for the Windows font generator

You need for the new Windows font generator the operating system Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 2000 and your computer should a processor Intel Pentium 4 24 MB disk space and a minimum of 128 MB of memory free.

Description of the version: Windows Font Generator

The Windows font generator can have some useful innovations in the current version. The creation and editing of own handwriting is now even easier for you by an improved Editor. You can order now also collections of your own fonts, for example by friends and family, structured in a category list and manage. You can use this then on post cards, letterheads or even in an album.

The new features of the current version of Windows font generator.

• Facilitating import are the handwriting.
• Color correction tools for fine-tuning and rendering have been optimized.
• Exchange with design manuscripts in various arrangement possible.

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