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To monitor and track file changes.



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Windows Files Monitor

The Windows files monitor comes unwanted file modifications to the bottom.

The usage of this free tool is useful if you want to give you an overview of file operations. So, monitors the Windows files monitor reliably all folders and files of your computer and lists changes in a tree structure. The program helps in this way to detect when files or folders have been modified, without this you know it did. Such changes can be made for example by other programs or even malicious software.

After starting the program, the Windows files monitor starts monitoring the activities. It is now for you to comprehend, which files or folders have been created, deleted, moved, or updated. Special filters allow it to monitor only specific parts of your system for you. You can then save all evidence of the program in a text file.

Description of the version: Windows Files Monitor

A stable software which is useful if you want an overview of all file operations.

Windows Files Monitor windows-files-monitor

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