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With Winamp, you play audio and video files, rip CDs, create playlists and much more!



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The Winamp Media Player plays your video and audio files.

The Winamp Media Player is a real multi-talent. The sheer number of supported files speaks for itself: 60 different file formats detects easily Winamp. With the built-in media library, you keep an overview of all available audio and video files on your hard drive. Smart Playlists can be created with the option "My views": simply select the selection criteria, and already created Winamp update themselves creating playlist, which takes into account also later added files. With an integrated search function, you can scan the Internet for information about the songs in your playlist. In addition, the media library can be synchronized with external players such as the iPod, an importing iTunes libraries is also possible.

You are not copy-protected audio CDs easily with a mouse click. You can pieces of music in the formats of AAC, aacPlus and WMA convert and burn it afterwards. In addition, Winamp offers access to several thousand online radio stations.

In terms of sound features, Winamp convinced all along the line. The equalizer provides for rich bass and clean highs. There are default settings that get the most out of your songs - of course you can turn yourself at the controls and save the optimal result. Downloadable plug-in the Winamp can be extended with an almost unlimited number of additional functions. You can customize your taste also the graphical interface with the many available skins: whether classically or Spacey - after a few clicks of the mouse Winamp looks like you want it. Download the program by clicking on the download button.

Convince yourself of the features of Winamp Media Player 5.58:

Rename, playlists • create CDs
• Sync it with your iPod or iTunes library import
• Thousands online radio, free of charge.
• Work with the equalizer for perfect sound.
• Hundreds of plug-in the individual expansion possibilities ensure
• Skins for custom interfaces.

The history of Winamp

In 1997, Nullsoft brought the Winamp Media Player as shareware on the market. The software was jointly responsible for that MP3 has become the most popular format for audio files. After Winamp was improved, the users of the programme participated with feedback, and create your own skins and plug-in the development. So the pioneer among the media players matured after one of the most popular play stations for media files of all kinds. The program in its latest and most comprehensive version exists with the Winamp Media Player 5.58.

Description of the version: Winamp

With the version 5.58, the popular Winamp become the all-rounder. Now let the player buy tickets, find lyrics and download music directly. With the new taskbar player controls, you have full Windows 7 support. The new Winamp offers you also a direct iTunes library import function. A new add-on control also easier to targeted search and install useful add-ons.

Winamp is the practical all-round player with lots of extras

• Buy tickets and music directly from Winamp.
• New search and charging function of song lyrics
• Full Windows 7 support including taskbar player controls
• New iTunes library importer
• New add-on management

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