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Win7DSFilterTweaker decoded quickly, easily and automatically all conventional DirectShow filter.



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  • Updated: 20.09.2013


Win7DSFilterTweaker allows you fast, uncomplicated, automatic use of all conventional and third party DirectShow filters to play multimedia content on your PC. Without elaborate change of system settings!

Win7DSFilterTweaker allows the use of all conventional DirectShow filter! What does this mean and what is the advantage you have as a result? Windows 7 Media Foundation prefers only the decoder of the new platform. This means that it uses only its own DirectShow filters for displaying multimedia content. You want to but play down such third-party content on your PC, then the case occurs often, that this content only with conventional filters are playable. You should therefore only change whose third party DirectShow filters to enjoy the content. This can be done only via the time-consuming and complicated changes in the Windows registry.

Now leave this effort behind you! Use the easy to use Win7DSFilterTweaker. It helps you quickly and decoded automatically different video and audio codecs for you, without that you don't have to care. Use this advantage and enjoy multimedia contents of other providers easily and play them on your PC! So, you can use also the conventional filter for specific formats without having to make complicated system settings. Also, you can set that only your Favorites under the filters used to decode. All settings are always undo!

Win7DSFilterTweaker is particularly useful for the application with the Microsoft players, so with the Windows Media Player and Media Center. The software of download available as freeware and is only 0.7 MB small. Used so not your valuable storage space!

Description of the version: Win7DSFilterTweaker

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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