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Win32Whois is a deal-rich tool that displays all the information about an IP address to one.



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You much in the Internet on the go or have a website and would like to know who is actually behind a certain IP address? Or otherwise got to do with the topic of Internet and need to deal with IP addresses, as well as research on? Then it is time for the software Win32Whois. Win32Whois is a professional, equipped with many great features, small tool with which you can perform this task. You need only the IP address of an Internet subscriber and can then show you in simple manner, who hides behind it. You're always a useful tool at hand that will help you optimally in many tasks with Win32Whois. IP addresses will never again be a secret for you, learn all about it, what you want to know now.

Win32Whois offers information access to friends, are stored together with an IP address. If such a company registered a Web site, the name and the email address of the owner are registered with. You can easily get this information with Win32Whois and are thus always informed about who you to do it did. The software has an intuitive user interface, where also beginners in the software itself can feel right at home.

Win32Whois offers you an extensive range of functions. You can enter the IP address for example only and then show you the corresponding domain. Win32Whois can show you all the collected information in a structured format and save. Refer to the extensive internal database and their diverse information.

Other features of Win32Whois:

• Export to TXT file
• IP block show
• URL support
• HTTP support
• SOCKS 4a/5 proxy authentication
• Extensive DNS information

The developers of Win32Whois

The information tool Win32Whois is developed by Gena01, the program has been available since January 2004 on the market and has to convince since then quickly the trade press as well as the user. Win32Whois requires it not acquiring a license key: the software is available completely free of charge and can be downloaded immediately from our website. Win32Whois is only tiny 23 kilo byte in size and easy to install. It runs on all Windows operating systems, such as Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7.

Description of the version: Win32Whois

The current change of Win32Whois expands the query of the Internet domains to the new extension *. co. So you ask well this domain extension of Win32Whois. In addition to the query about the domain name and the ending, the query via the IP address is still possible. You need to enter just one of them in the small tool, and already, you will receive a detailed report about the holder of a domain name with all available information.

Features of the new version Win32Whois 0.9.15

• Support of * .co domains for the query
• Detailed report for a domain or an IP address
• Identifies alias functions of servers
• Reports can be saved

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