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You can convert virtually any printable document into a PDF with Win2PDF.



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The PDF files are a standard for the exchange of documents between the various computers. The advantage of these files is clearly obvious. No matter what operating system you have on your computer and no matter which company came from your computer - the PDF files are identical on all machines shown. However reader or an alternative PDF Viewer must be installed then on your computer of the Adobe. Almost any document can be converted into a PDF with Win2PDF. Win2PDF installs itself as an additional printer drivers on your computer. For this reason, it is also possible to convert almost any image and printable Windows document to a PDF file of Win2PDF.

If you have downloaded Win2PDF, but still no Adobe Reader on your computer installed, then you can get to it before the Win2PDF download. The provider of Win2PDF has established any prospective customers the ability of to download from Adobe. The Win2PDF gives you the possibility of other documents, how to make the example Microsoft Office, a PDF file. The generated PDF data can further be sent without data loss. The recipient can print high-quality documents are and therefore has a better expression than with a fax document. Web links, with www. or http start, are automatically converted into a PDF file of Win2PDF. Win2PDF can be integrated in Outlook Express and Outlook. So, your email attachments can be automatically converted into PDF files.

Win2PDF is a very nice program, but it is subject to a charge. The trial makes it possible to evaluate this program once it friends. Should tell to you, you can purchase also Win2PDF. Here the manufacturer offers bulk pricing. The quality of the PDF is in a proper format and is kept very simple for you as a user of this program. In addition, this program is one of the first PDF Converter for Windows.

Improvements at a glance

• Robust and stable
• Can also be used as a network printer on the print server
• Quality of PDF files
• Very easy to use
• One of the first PDF Converter for Windows
• Good vendor support

What operating system do you need?

You can use the program on your computer, you need Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). You get in the German and the English version of Win2PDF.

Description of the version: Win2PDF

Win2PDF offers you many more features that can help significantly simplify your work with PDF files in the new version 7 in addition to the usual features. The new versions of Windows 7 are supported now, so that you can create PDF files directly in these operating systems from any program, which provides a print function. In addition, now also a backup of Windows is 7 64 bit available.

The main new features of Win2PDF 7

• Win2PDF now supports Windows 7 operating systems.
• Can be run on operating systems with a 64 bit kernel
• Export to vector graphics
• Merging multiple PDF documents
• Integration in many different email programs
• In addition to PDF also PDF/A support

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