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Windigipet is a powerful control program for your model railroad on the market.



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Windigipet is the professional solution for your model railway. If you have a digital model railway system, certainly no way to Windigipet passes. The program is suitable for systems of any size order and takes over all control tasks that you can imagine for yourself. Windigipet is comfortable and easy to use and makes it easy to get started. It be all track sizes supported and offered all the features in a complete program. You need no additional software to control your railway.

Windigipet offers you not only a high level of convenience and a comprehensive guide, but indicates its own you if you made a wrong input. So there can be no errors on your system. Windigipet provides a graphical user interface, which varies according to the standards of the Windows operating systems. You can create user-defined toolbars and choose between different display styles.

In Windigipet, no limits your possibilities are endless. You can move your locomotives on the system through different and also changing steering directions. You can make the control on the screen either via the fast control bar on the locomotive controls from Windigipet, digital control panels and control or even a joystick, which is also supported by Windigipet.

Other features of Windigipet:

• Support for 37 digital systems.
• Operate 8 digital systems at the same time.
• 4 different display styles.
• Save up to 9 snippets of the track diagram and viewing.
• Maximum 50,000 track symbol fields.
• 1378 Scatter symbols to track images.

The development of Windigipet

Windigipet is developed by Dr. Peter Peterlin and sold through his company Digipet and other companies. The software is represented for 14 years on the market, and is constantly improved and expanded functions. The offer is not only restricted to the software itself, but includes also performances and seminars. The seminars introduce one in the use of the program; corresponding dates can be found on the homepage. The screenings are carried out on large-scale systems and should show what is able to afford Windigipet. These screenings are well suited to get a glimpse into the world of the digital model railways. To get even these events via the website; they are offered in many German cities.

Description of the version: Win-Digipet

The current version of win-Digipet, which is used to control your model railroad layouts, supports 37 digital systems from the leading manufacturers in this field. You can operate in parallel 8 of these digital systems here, so that you can easily operate large and heterogeneous model railroad layouts. The layout has been adapted to the style of the Office, and you can place individual toolbars that are not docked, now free on the screen.

What's new in the current win-Digipet 2009 Premium Edition

• Adjustment of the layout of the Office look and feel
• Undocked toolbars can be freely placed on the screen
• Support more new digital systems
• Logbook function with export
• Locomotive database for 250 locomotives
• Manual control of engines possible

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