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Workshop Office Pro offers you effectively manage of your customer and order data.



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Werkstatt Office Pro

For small and medium-sized automobile companies, workshop Office Pro is an ideal tool to monitor the own business fields. Thus, you can optimally manage all processes and have all activities of your workshop at a glance. You entlastest your staff with Office per workshop and can do routine work on the computer. On the one with the software you and all customer data at a glance and can also save all vehicle data. Workshop Office Pro you collect all the data automatically, both the information about customers, vehicles, spare parts and the entire recorded history of each individual job. Workshop Office Pro gives you a complete merchandise management system, in which you can easily increase your productivity on the PC.

The automotive workshop software workshop Office Pro is divided for use in so-called modules. The main areas representing the customer management and vehicle data with which you can keep track of all orders. More workshop Office Pro modules are the workshop orders, the management of invoices and the article directory, giving you are easily your warehouse under control. Still, workshop offers you Office per the efficient management of documents, dates and the employees thereof. The software is an all-round package for you as the owner of a garage. Workshop Office Pro offers also some additional modules, for example, for the operation of the barge. You're all payments in the same program automatically at a glance. In the mobile data entry module, you can accept orders and save into your system via a mobile scanner just finally out of the House.

You can download the trial version of Office Pro workshop here with us free. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

Workshop Office Pro key features:

• Manage customer and vehicle data
• Have all your employees in a single system.
• Professionally manage your workshop and increase productivity.
• Always check the current inventory of the warehouse.
• Manage invoices, letters and other documents.
• Book plug-ins for additional features.

The development history of workshop Office Pro:

The Office Pro software workshop has been programmed by the developers at HDS software and is continually kept up to date and further developed. The origin of the programme lies in the year 1998. Since then, developers have the goal to offer a continuously updated and modern management software, which is tailored specifically to the needs of auto repair shops.

Description of the version: Werkstatt Office Pro

The new version of Office Pro workshop is characterized by an intuitive user interface, that it makes you easier now improved programming, a pluck lay the relevant data for the inventory management. Integrated was now also a DATEV interface as well as a GoogleMap integration. The edit mode for the customer management was once considerably revised and friends also simplifies the management of customer files.

The most important innovations in the current version of Office Pro Workshop:

• Dunning now with OP monitoring
• Insurance forms can be managed easily through damage tool.
• optimized warehouse management with stock warning
• facilitated maintenance of the cash register with detail functions

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