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WebZip Downloads entire websites in compressed form as a ZIP archive on your hard drive.



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WebZip is able to convert complete Web sites, which have usually a large memory footprint, in a space-saving format and save onto your hard disk. Thereby, WebZip downloads all page elements automatically. To charge the storage capacity of your hard drive unnecessarily, WebZip converts the loaded information in a ZIP archive. About the options in the configuration menu you can set how again, unpacked the archive created using WebZip you want.

The program puts you in the position to send entire Web page content by E-Mail. Download to a mobile disk is a breeze with the ZIP archive created by WebZip. This leaves WebZip all data are unedited and in their original condition. WebZip's software is also a German language pack available, this must be loaded but separately and by WebZip copied into the program folder. You need no FTP or HTML knowledge when you use to download Web page content on the hard drive of your computer. WebZip easy manner makes it possible to see complex Web sites all alone, without the need for an existing Internet connection. The user interface is very easy to use and clearly constructed, so that working with the program is not a complicated matter.

The free trial version of the program is available for download here. The temporal use of this trial version is limited to 30 days. If you want to install WebZip now on your computer, you should click on the download button. Then you just follow the instructions on your screen and already after a few minutes you can begin to load the Web pages selected by you compressed onto your hard disk.

The functions of WebZip

• Loads complete Web pages
• Selection of parts
• Create ZIP archives
• Save to mobile devices
• Time-limited trial version for free
• Small download size

System requirements and download

WebZip works with the Windows operating systems Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, and Windows XP. You should have at least a Pentium II processor and 64 MB of RAM available. The size of the download file for the free trial is only 1.3 megabytes and will not charge at all your system resources.

Description of the version: WebZIP

With the latest version of WebZIP download complete websites to your PC, and can browse it offline. The program automatically downloads all content on the site for you and you are browsing when there is just no Internet connection. The new FAR tool, you can create a CHM file from existing data. So you komprimierst Web pages material to an HTML Help file that provides a quick overview for Web page visitors.

WebZIP's main features in the version 7.1

• Download all components of a Web site for browsing offline.
• Save whole Web pages in HTML Help files.
• Save the contents of Web pages in a compressed Zip file.

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