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WebTotal TV & radio provides simple Internet radio and television in good quality tuner 7.02.



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WebTotal TV & Radio Tuner

WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 offers online TV stations from around the world. The Internet TV is possible at WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 through the modern and fast connections with lower costs. The software provides this channels produced one hundred percent in the net and also traditional stations which simultaneously send your program on the Internet. The Internet radio stations are usually specially designed for the online content and are available only online. This is WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 the ideal software.

View streamed media to the Internet with one click. Here you can watch at the same time the contents, to WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02, while this sends the data over the Internet to your own computer. WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 offers you also a webcast access to. Where media are prepared on a server for sending, and you can request them on demand. With the Internet radio in the WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 you can programmes interactively participate and choose also your own playlist. The Internet radio in the WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 is ideal for you as a foreign student or otherwise interested people who are interested in programs from around the world.

You can download for free the WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 at us. The full version of the software is available free switchable. You can by clicking on the download button to start downloading.

The most important functions of WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02:

• Receive 1,200 television stations and more than 7800 radio stations online.
• Use the easy to use menus.
• Receive updates in real time.
• Personalise your tuner with skins.
The programs take • with the supplied recorder.
• Use the toolbar in your browser.

The story of WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02:

WebTotal TV & radio has been programmed tuner 7.02 of the eponymous developers with the idea, to be able to provide all the world's people for free as much as possible information and entertainment channel over the Internet. The software was always being developed. The version in the issue 7.02 is up to date. The development is done mainly by the better usability of the player and add further transmitters. Since the beginning of the program many more online radio stations and TV stations made available. In the current version, which is WebTotal TV & radio tuner 7.02 one of the leading online radio and television services with the most stations.

Description of the version: WebTotal TV & Radio Tuner

The current version of WebTotal TV & radio tuner can boast some very functional and helpful new features. The wide variety of radio and television stations, which you can represent using this software via streaming on your computer or listen to, arranged by country, speed and of course the language. He is it of a recording function, so that you can easily record your favorite songs or your favorite broadcasts.

The new features of the latest version of WebTotal TV & radio tuner

• faster drawing of videos via streaming function
• Creating playlists possible
• Selection and structuring according to predefined categories
• improved user interface and increased Nutzerkompfort

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