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The webshots desktop provides guaranteed a varied background image of your PC.



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Webshots Desktop and Daily Photos

The simple concept of the webshots desktop has a great effect for anyone who comes over yawning boredom at the sight of the background image of the PC. Through this download, you will have access to 2000 Professional images from various areas of the world. You find the most beautiful pictures from the huge collection of the webshots desktop and make it to your new background images for your Windows desktop. When you join the WebShots online Club free of charge, you can enjoy more highlights. As a member, you can publish your own images. Share your best moments with others. Another special feature is the automatic setting of the program. They can select from over 2000 images every day a new one for your desktop and surprise you every day with a new high-profile image. Turn your PC workplace into a unique picture projectionist! Benefit from the webshots desktop and banish boredom from your desktop.

The webshots desktop allows you to more than just download of a new picture for your desktop! More than 2000 pictures in high resolution formats wait on the servers of the manufacturer to you. You can download daily five new images with a free account at WebShots. You can even your personal favorite pictures with the webshots desktop upload and publish. If you choose the automatic setting, you will experience daily wallpapers for your PC desktop. Discover the possibilities of the webshots desktop today.

If you decide for the webshots desktop, there are only a few steps before you can enjoy all the benefits. Just follow the download buttons. After successful download, to install the webshots desktop and set your settings. You can do the webshots desktop to your start page to adjust your settings at any time. You can easily convert the native image format of WBC with WBC2JPG in GIFs or JPGs.

All the possibilities of the webshots desktop at a glance

• Free download
• Selection of over 2000 Professional images from various areas of the world
• Free membership
• Automatically daily desktop image
• Publish and share your most beautiful pictures
• Banish boredom from your desktop. Guaranteed!

History of the webshots desktop / / personal background images are popular with every PC owner. But you must take the time for it, to find the appropriate image. This circumstance was abolished by the webshots desktop. Countless pictures make difficult the choice, and who can decide not to choose the automatic of programme, which every day is a new image as a background. For any fan of desktop wallpapers!

Description of the version: Webshots Desktop and Daily Photos

Webshots Desktop and daily it becomes never boring photos on your desktop. With the current version of the software, you not only access to professional recordings, but also on the photos of the members of the community. Become part of this community and upload your own photos on the server. Can you to appear your images as a screen saver on thousands of other computers.

Features of the current version of Webshots Desktop and daily photos

• Access to thousands of photos
• upload your own pictures and make available as a screen saver
• including photo organizer for the Organization of all images
• every day new photos for your desktop

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