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With the webroot window washer, you can at the same time protect your privacy and data integrity.



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Webroot Window Washer

But not only Internet files or their fragments are removed from the webroot window washer, but all kinds of unnecessary files. Because on each host, traces of your activities are, and these tracks very often still storage quota. The program searches through all areas of your PC for such files and ensures that the space is released. Special attention is set to online activities from the webroot window washer, because intensive surfing the net a variety be stored temporarily or permanently information in the computer. Many of these data are never again used or can be used to track the pages visited. If you do not want such intervention in your privacy, then you should set the webroot window washer.

Is the deletion of the unnecessary data and surf traces done permanently, which means that the affected areas of the hard disk is overwritten by the webroot window washer with random strings and are not restored. This function of the webroot window washer is more powerful than the standards of American authorities require it. Thus you can you be sure that your PC is really clean and there are no traces. And it works with the webroot window washer not only for searches of already deleted data, but also if you want to delete files or entire folders. With a single mouse click you can make from your PC delete the data permanently and irretrievably.

You can individually trigger a cleaning cycle it or automatically regularly perform the webroot window washer. And for stored passwords and needed cookies you can set exceptions of course so that this data is not lost. And also the installed programs are reviewed by Webroot window washer on garbage and this eliminated, so that also the programs so fast and trouble-free run as immediately after installation.

The features of Webroot window washer:

• Cleanup of your PC from unwanted data
• New interface for easier operation
• Deletes the traces of visited pages
• Deletes unnecessary files on your computer
• Date for regular cleaning can be set
• For Windows 2000, XP, and Vista

Webroot window washer and the manufacturer

The webroot window washer is a product of the 1997-based Webroot Software Inc. The company engaged the American Boulder-based Internet safety issues and the webroot window washer is one of the building blocks of the company around this topic. The company operates internationally and has more than 300 employees in different locations.

Description of the version: Webroot Window Washer

The new version 6.6 of the privacy-protection-Prgrammes Webroot window washer offers new opportunities and options, so that even less data about you for others are available. The encryption technology has been extended to private data are impossible to reconstruct. Still, the interface has been reworked so that you can work more easily and more effectively. The new Webroot window washer runs also under Windows 7 both 32 - and the 64-bit version.

The most important innovations of the webroot window washer in version 6.6:

• runs on Windows 7
• new interface for better and more effective handling
• Errors and bugs of the previous versions have been largely removed

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