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Webocton - Scriptly offers extensive functions for the creation of source texts.



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Webocton - Scriptly

The interpretation of Webocton - Scriptly for Windows is especially when writing HTML and programming and scripts in PHP. The freeware Editor provides many additional features for Web developers.

Webocton - Scriptly you will find a comprehensive source code editor that supports the languages PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, and Smarty. Webocton - Scriptly easier code editing with syntax highlighting. While often very long writing for other editors to your source code, the possibility of inserting code snippets about shortcuts and the code completion helps you here. The code completion shows you tags, parameters, variables, CSS commands, classes, and functions. A list, you can paste HTML tags or PHP functions via drag -and-drop. With just one click, you can add more content, such as comments, hyperlinks, time, HTML tables, or hexadecimal color definitions. Many additional features such as project management, image viewer, preview functions, several assistants such as a MySQL Wizard, HTML tag Inspector, code browser and code library help you the quick creation of your Web site. For larger projects, a comprehensive search and replace function available suits you. In the program, you can find also a link to reference works, such as SelfHTML. Webocton - Scriptly also a file browser with FTP client is integrated, so you can upload your finished page directly on the server. Webocton - Scriptly processed the new HTML5 format.

Webocton, the developer who specializes in Web design and programming. Webocton - Scriptly product is available for many years. In the course of time, Scriptly has received several updates and new features.

Description of the version: Webocton - Scriptly

The current version of Webocton - Scriptly can come up with many features. The source editor is compatible with HTML5 and multiple languages syntax highlighting. Wizard, preview functions, libraries, HTML tag Inspector, and the code completion help you in establishing your source text. With the integrated FTP client, you can immediately download your files on the server. An extensive search and replace feature helps you to larger projects.

The current functions of the Webocton - Scriptly version

• Compatibility with HTML5
• Syntax highlighting for several languages
• File Manager with built-in FTP client
• Inspectors, Wizard and preview functions
• Extensive search and replace function
• Features for fast creation of source texts

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