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The local Internet is a reality with the WebCopier. Web pages can be viewed offline.



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Web pages see without having online access must be available, is a great thing. WebCopier lets you exactly that, and if you've tried it once you'll understand what it offers advantages. Because you have access to the Internet not always and everywhere, and temporary solutions can be very expensive. If you just want to take a look at a Web page, but your mobile provider has a price, then this short look may cost much money you. With WebCopier, you have the same information in the access, however locally with friends on the computer. You have no Internet access, but can surf thanks to WebCopier locally in the Internet.

Interesting are the possibilities of WebCopier especially for users who have a time tariff, so effectively pay for the time that you are online. With WebCopier, you can download complete Web pages and offline viewing. And that works for entire Web pages as well as only parts of it, for individual directories of Web pages can be downloaded with WebCopier. All links remain unchanged, so that a trouble-free view of Web pages is possible. Because the links in a relative format is stored and refer to the copied pages, the Web pages can be transferred completely USB flash drive or a CD or DVD on other disk as a.

Thus, all the functions that exposes a Web page that can be used locally by WebCopier. A product catalog with search options is fully functional on the PC or laptop without an Internet connection. WebCopier can drive each sales representative with offline information to the customer, even if he does there not have online access. All information is stored locally and can be presented to the customer, and this saves any double developments for online and offline tools.

Features of WebCopier:

• Create copies of complete Web pages
• all links remain
• filter can be blocked certain data and images
• easy-to-use, language files for localization available
• 15 Days trial version
• for Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista

WebCopier and the manufacturer

WebCopier is a development of the MaximumSoft Corp. from the United States. Since 1999, the company develops solutions to enable easy access to the huge amounts of data of the Internet both individuals and companies. WebCopier is a product family that allows you to download entire websites from the Internet and offline to look at with all the information. Thus Web pages can be even seen and analyzed, if there is no access to the Internet.

Description of the version: WebCopier

The new version of WebCopier provides even more options and functions friends, if you want to download complete websites and offline harness. The new WebCopier has an improved HTML data analysis function and you can download now FTP sites. Also the version on Windows 7 runs and errors of the previous versions have been removed mostly, so that the new WebCopier runs faster and smoother.

The most important changes in version 5.3 of WebCopier

• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions
• runs on Windows 7
• FTP sites download now
• better analysis of HTML data for more efficient storage of Web pages

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