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With the new web to date 6.0, a professional website creation is not a problem.



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web to date

With web to date 6.0 you will pave the way to your own premium website. Whether for business or private use, you can with web to date 6.0 to create a personal Web site in just five steps. There are innovative and equally attractive template modules for all conceivable sectors available. Using the web to date 6.0 you can do it, to customize your Web design to your requirements. There are over a thousand variations, which can be directly used, available.

Are you looking for a website software, with which you can update the content at any time and easily or even restructure? Then, web to date 6.0 may be an appropriate alternative. Web to date 6.0 gives you 60 industry-specific and customizable templates for your website. Also are you many powerful plug-in the ready for use. To give examples, these are a slideshow, a lightbox or a FactBox. So, you're technically as well as optical on the amount of time.

Download web to date 6.0 easily and without much effort here. Click on the appropriate download button and web to date 6.0 will assist you in creating your homepage very well. Have you downloaded the program, it's after the installation in just a few minutes.

New features in the current web to date 6.0

• Modern present photos and videos
• Finished industry templates
• Content management technology
• Web 2.0 features
• Multiple-column text paragraphs
• Video - and audio-charts

The new web to date 6.0

The program web to date 6.0 is a consistent further development of the already proven web to date 5.0. The applicable features was expanded and technically aligned to date. The application of web to date 6.0, you need no special programming skills. Innovative plug-in the and current Web 2.0 capabilities complement web to date 6.0 additionally. CSS skills are not necessary for the application of the programme. Ready-made templates that have been created on the previous programme web to date 5.0 need not be reconfigured. These templates can still be used. This will require only a port in the new program. The content management technology lets you independently of technical knowledge and programming skills to get a professional result in the creation of Web pages.

Description of the version: web to date

The current version of the software called web to date boasts helpful innovations in your implementation of Internet presentations. In just 4 steps, you can represent your own website on the Internet. Diverse presentation options with customizable design templates, you can realize impressive layouts. Even interactive sites are possible without any programming knowledge, so that almost no limits your creativity.

The most important innovations of the current version of the web to date.

• Optimized user interface and user friendliness
Modern and flexible ways of presentation sites compelling •
• Advanced content management system for innovative Web presence
• Easier entering content

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