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Wax is a video editing program that you can install as a plugin.



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Who is not familiar, the vast and comprehensive video cutting programs that are suitable for professionals and hardly fit the hard drive? Wax offers a smart and free alternative.

When you rotate a little film on vacation, then you watch at home only the best parts, since it will otherwise quickly dull. But how can you spice the boring parts without having to buy the same extremely expensive software, for which you need to complete several introductory courses? Wax is a free video editing program, which although does not have a very large, but this pretty powerful functionality. You can add 2D and 3D effects with wax in your video, and can also be combined with great video editing programs. So you can wax as Plug-In for Sony Vegas or Adobe use premiere to expand the scope of the function. If you don't have these programs but, it is of course possible to install wax as a stand-alone program.

In addition to adding effects, you can use wax also VirtualDub filters, DirectX plug-in the and install Windows Movie Maker presets in your video at your whim. While the software is not so bulky and bulky like most other video editing programs, but to work perfectly, you should schedule a training time. You can find easily explained and helpful tutorials, which show you the main principles and the functioning of wax on the Web site of the program Publisher. Then, no point in your video will be more boring, if you know to use the tools of wax creatively and effectively. Style your movies on, and enjoy the dazzling result - you certainly won't regret it!

Description of the version: Wax

The latest version of Videobearbeitungsprogrammes wax 2 0e offers some improvements over the previous versions. The program structure and the surface were revised user friendly, so that now even better and more effectively use the comprehensive functions of the program. Also, some errors and shortcomings of the previous versions were eliminated, so that it runs faster and above all, safer. In addition, even the tutorials on the site of the manufacturer were adapted to the features of the latest version.

The most important innovations of wax in the version 2 0e

• New user interface for easier work
• New features and effects for video editing
• Tutorials have been adapted to the latest version
• Removed errors and bugs of previous versions

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