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The freeware wave recorder enables manual and timed radio recordings via computer.



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With the software wave-recorder you can record easily radio broadcasts on your computer. Both manual and timed shots are possible. The different settings offer many recording options.

Since the year 2000, the reception of radio broadcasts and radio music via a computer's sound card allows the wave-recorder freeware. The principle is simple: the free software absorbs what's going on the computer's sound card.

With different settings, you can control the recording. With the timing, recording starts and stops recording can be set for specific days and times. In addition, you can choose the schedule settings, whether incorporating unique to occur weekly on certain days or even monthly. All scheduled recordings appear you in chronological order in the menu window, so you can have all of your pictures at a glance under control. Of course, the wave recorder lets you record manually and with no timetable. To do this click the start / stop button is sufficient. So you can make changes during a recording. The time field also displays the current time and the remaining time up to the scheduled recording stop you. With the format of the wave files, you can choose between 22, 44 and 48 kHz. Also you can to determine whether should be recorded in mono or stereo recording via which input channel. Of course the free software you also indicates how much disk space is needed for the recordings and how much is currently available.

The helpful program installed easily with a few clicks after downloading. As freeware, the wave recorder is safely and quickly to the download available.

Description of the version: Wave-Recorder

The latest version of the wave recorder offers the easy way to record radio broadcasts with just a few clicks. The clear menu design of software in a simple design makes it easy to use freeware. Time settings and manual shooting are possible, as is the choice of the format quality. The different settings can adjusted also during recording. The software is users with the operating systems Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP available.

All features of the current version at a glance

• Recording on schedule or manually
• Time settings: once, hourly, weekly, or monthly
• Selection of different sound qualities as well as mono or stereo
• Operating systems 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP

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