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WaterMark V2 is a good program when it comes to protecting your photos with watermarks.



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waterMark V2

In the Internet happen unfortunately, photos of strangers are stolen and used on their Web sites. WaterMark V2 blocks such acts, by it provides for you photos with watermarks.

If you have stored large quantities of important photos on your computer and on the Internet, on your website and other projects available ask this other, you asked you already, how you can protect their use. V2 waterMark with the small tool is now in very simple manner possible. You can provide your entire data holdings of photos with an individual watermark with just a few clicks of the mouse so that the origin of your images even when used in the vastness of the Internet remains comprehensible. In this way, you make a contribution to the protection of your files and need no more to worry about, that someone could misuse them for purposes other than you in the future.

WaterMark V2 user interface is designed so that you can immediately start with protecting your photos even as a novice. The mode of operation of the program is self-explanatory and leads you through a few steps to the perfect result. Let's never again occur, that your pictures made by you are stolen from other users on the Internet. WaterMark V2 can effectively help you!

The development of waterMark V2
The very useful tool waterMark V2 for creating watermark is being driven by the Austrian developer Philipp Maihar. In the computer scene, the little helper could already convince a large number of users and helps them to protect their most important photos from unlawful use. The software is constantly developed and improved.

Description of the version: waterMark V2

WaterMark V2 will afford even better services in the new version 1.9.8, to protect your precious photos with a watermark from third-party use. The new version adding watermark makes much easier, by allowing you, for example, an automatic adjustment of the screen size. You can go from a faster generation of water badge and do your work faster. In addition, Italian is now added as another program language.

The wesesntlichen changes of waterMark V2 in the Verision 1.9.8

• New Explorer tree for easy navigation
• That was Threading when generating the image improves
• Offers the user interface as language emerging to train Italian

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