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'Watermark Image' allows quick and easy tagging photos with a watermark.



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Watermark Image

With "Watermark Image" you can tag your digital photos by adding a watermark as your property. Thus you prevent that your photos are illegally copied and used.

With the program "Watermark Image", digital photos are protected against abuse on the Internet. The watermark features your photos as your property. The process is very simple and you can create your own watermark individually as you want, only a copyright text or a graphic.

First, you select the source file or the source directory, then the desired output directory. You can edit a single photo, or select an entire folder, and edit multiple photos in one click. In the next step, you can add the desired watermark. You can freely choose the placement of the marking on the photo. In addition, you can change the size of your photos and adjust position, angle, font type and size, and the transparency of the watermark. You can customize the image quality of the watermark when you save the photos in JPEG format. But other common formats, such as BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF format are possible. "Watermark Image" can save the watermark information in the EXIF information of the photo. You have made all settings, you can look at the particular photo in the preview function and may even change. Everything is alright, you start processing by clicking on "Start". With us you can download friends the current German version. "Watermark Image" is free for private use.

"Watermark Image" comes from the manufacturer of TSR software. The first version was launched in 2009, since the program is constantly evolving.

Description of the version: Watermark Image

The current version of the watermark image offers functionality to quickly and easily create of an individual watermark for digital photos. With just a few clicks, you can add the watermark to your photos. The previous version contained several bug fixes which have been resolved with the latest version. Now, a note box appears if source and target directory are the same. Also, the speed of image processing has been improved and added another language.

The current watermark image in the version

• Creation of individual watermark in text or graphic form
• Variable placement of the watermark
• Batch processing entire folders
• Resizing the photos possible
• Transparency of the watermark can be set

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