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WatchMyCam offers many application possibilities and is it user friendly.



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Many applications with the little helpers of WatchMyCam are possible. From the monitoring of individual rooms, on the monitoring of the own garden up to the stream of your own camera in the world.

WatchMyCam the owners of webcams offers some interesting features on the hand that are versatile usable.

As a normal user, you're maybe long abroad traveling and would like to stay with your friends in contact. Many will use Skype to keep this contact with the an or to be able to talk to others and even to see. But WatchMyCam offers some other interesting features, go in a similar direction. You can do your webcam with the software "Stream" which means you connect it to your PC, install the driver and then WatchMyCam. In the program, you can make many settings to your webcam and broadcast them then live on the Internet. Have you entered all required information, you will get a link, which you can then pass on to as many friends as you want. Ideally, you can provide the link with a password which is definitely recommended. Your friends, acquaintances, and family can now look through the browser in your webcam.

Another consideration for the application would be a kind of space monitoring. It sets up the camera in any room, connect it to the laptop and with its own password you can watch now only from anywhere in the world, what goes in this space ahead. Specifically for this type of monitoring is integrated a motion detector which can be additionally record the camera movements. Also included is a screenshot Manager, screenshots of the recorded area automatically at predetermined intervals.

Description of the version: WatchMyCam

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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