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WarZone 2100 offers exciting real-time strategy with even designed battle units.



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Warzone 2100

In the 3D-Echtzeit-Strategiespiel of WarZone 2100, you must build a working base and produce combat units in order to send them against your opponents in the field. The focus is on developing technology and the manufacture of individual combat vehicles.

We write the year 2100: the world lies in ruins after an incident in the NASDA missile shield system has led to the nuclear disaster, in which almost all major cities of the world were destroyed. As a commander of a unit of survivors, you've found refuge at a base in the Rocky Mountains. Under the name "The Project", the reconstruction of the ruined world in attack should be taken now - to be sent teams in various U.S. cities, looking for artifacts of the past, which can accelerate the construction of.

WarZone 2100 offers you the opportunity to complete a story based campaign or to pull in single - and multiplayer mode in the fight. First of all you need to build a base and extensive research: more than 400 technologies to be discovered. The progress achieved benefit you when removing the base and especially in the production of fighting units - in WarZone 2100, you can create your own fighting vehicles with individual armament and send into battle. The combination of technology and unique design allows a differentiated tactical approach with a variety of different units.

See can the graphics of WarZone 2100: the levels are full of gloomy atmosphere, the units are designed in detail. At the beginning, you can play a tutorial, in which all essential functions and controls of the game are taught you. In multiplayer mode, you get up after the number of off opponents and successfully completed battles within a rank system.

Description of the version: Warzone 2100

The current version 2.3.8 of WarZone 2100 has been revised in many respects and offers sophisticated yet fun. Added two new multiplayer maps called "Vision" and "Be", you can now consider playing videos at resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels. The multiplayer mode has been further balanced and fair design, the values of individual weapons and components have been adjusted accordingly. The German translation has been also thoroughly revised - the update may be recommended so all WarZone players.

The new features of WarZone 2100 v2. 3.8 Overview

• Two new multiplayer maps ("Be" and "Vision")
• Balanced multiplayer mode for more fairness
• Increased video resolution to 1024 x 768
• Revised German translation
• Many more improvements and bug fixes

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