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Warsow offers colorful shooter gameplay and an extremely fast-paced gameplay with great graphics.



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Warsow is a 3D-Multiplayer-Shooter which brings variety to the genre with his cartoon backdrop and a variety of special moves and weapons. The overall impression is rounded off by various maps and game modes.

Warsow puts you in a wacky future world in which supply wild battles with every conceivable weapon heavily armed pigs and cyberpunks. You have to be fast and flexible, to in the to be able to survive this mess: jump, Dodge, race - only so you can pass in the colorful world of Warsow. Theft of the flag of the opposing team, put bombs and delivery you fighting with rocket launcher-wielding pigs in futuristic battle suits.

The cartoon shooter has a lot of genre classics such as Quake or Unreal Tournament looked down and offers witty and long-lasting entertainment shooter professionals as well as beginners. In addition to the many different weapons, the motion system deserves special mention, because it has some surprises: with the wall jump, you use the walls for powerful leaps, the dash provides for special ground acceleration – the individual moves can also be combined to the part. The result is non-stop action without taking a breather - who will emerge victorious from the wacky battles, which must nevertheless keep a cool head to achieve the predetermined goal. The 3D graphics is decorated in the style of cartoon, the levels are large and very well suited to the fast gameplay of Warsow.

In addition to the standard game modes such as capture the flag, team Deathmatch or duel, you can create your own modes. The accompanying soundtrack provides additional atmosphere, also new maps for the multiplayer game will be published at irregular intervals – so no boredom arises in the future.

Description of the version: Warsow

Warsow has to offer a lot of news in version 0.61. Support for the software of the phone mumble 1.2 has been revised so that the communication running smoothly with your teammates. Who is too careless with the rocket launcher, which must now reckon with more damage. The appearance of the armoring has been revised, also was eliminated a whole series of memory problems and bugs, which could cause problems before. In addition, the developers on the layout of individual cards have filed.

The updates of the Warsow version 0.61 at a glance

• Improved support for mumble 1.2
• Higher damage at self-harm with the rocket launcher
• Revised appearance of the armoring
• Improvements on individual cards
• Corrections of known error sources

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