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WarMUX (Wormux) is a 2D-Taktik-Kampfspiel against the computer or other players.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011

WarMUX (Wormux)

If games in the style of worms can excite you, you should look also at WarMUX (Wormux). This game you offers everything for a little shooting at your computer for need in between.

WarMUX (Wormux) is an outstanding representative of the 2D-Taktik-Kampfgenres, which was made famous by games like worms. If you can inspire you for computer games and during your break or during the leisure time to play a round on the computer, WarMUX (Wormux) is actually the right choice for you. The game features a simple game principle, that technically and in particular graphically appealing will be staged. Enjoy the colourful world of the game and the many ways in which you can push your opponent with sheer firepower from the screen. Are no limits in this spectacle your tactical imagination!

WarMUX (Wormux) offers a wide range of funny characters, with which you can prove your skills in the battle. However, the arsenal of weapons that suits you for your conquests at the disposal is particularly impressive. With baseball bats, dynamite and weapons of all kinds, you go to get your opponent in distress. We really liked will be particularly easily accessible control. The game is installed in just a few steps, a configuration is not necessary. Let you throw just right into the action and compete with the computer or with up to three human opponents.

The development of WarMUX (Wormux)
The game software WarMUX (Wormux) is programmed by an independent French developer team in-house. It is a software project under free license, which is being constantly developed and improved.

Description of the version: WarMUX (Wormux)

The new WarMUX (Wormux) in the version 11.04 brings this freeware even more persuasive over the shooting fun. Among other things an elaborate replay function is now offered you, which you can recap the action in the arena of the battle once again. Also the characters equipped now with a much larger number of funny animations, which will loosen up the gameplay. But also in terms of the graphic something has done itself, which looks even better than in the past thanks to new level of detail.

The new features of WarMUX (Wormux) 11.04

• Replay of the battle action replay function
• Many new animations have been added to the figures
• Improvements of graphics
• Better memory usage on Android mobile systems

WarMUX (Wormux) warmux-wormux

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