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Our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 is great to show your enthusiasm for the environment.



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Wallpaper Unsere Erde - Der Film

Can our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 as a screen saver or used as background on each computer. Using Bluetooth, memory card or USB flash drive and appropriate connection cables you can download that our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 in addition on nearly every mobile phone and many MP3 players, to the beautiful scene of our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 have everywhere with him can. Of course you have to not leave it at that. From your new, let our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 inspire and create a new artwork by editing it with a programme or make a collage from this, using our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 as a basis for that.

But just like the movies that our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 might also a reminder, that the beauty of our Earth is extremely fragile. In times of climate change, everyone should do its part to protect the environment and to protect. Our Earth - the film goes up in many places how enormously many animals are already threatened by climate change. Many animals find no more food, deserts spread, water scarcity is a growing problem for humans and animals - if climate change is to be stopped, immediate action is necessary. That our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 reminded one always to do his contribution.

You can download our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 with us free of charge. Just click the download button and the download will begin in a few seconds.

Many things that you can do with your new our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1:

• Use your new wallpaper as a great screen saver
• Show it to your friends
• Upload your wallpaper on your mobile phone
• Use it as a basis for their own works of art
The image • take the opportunity to discuss the environment
• Free download

The making of the film

Our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 is taken from the film of our Earth and is a BBC production of the two directors Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield in 2007. The beautifully illustrated documentary shows footage of animals from all over the world, who live far away from any human civilization. The animals in their daily struggle to survive in their natural environment will be filmed over a period of time. So beautiful wild animals, you can admire our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1 on the recordings. A new special camera was introduced in this movie, which allows high-resolution recordings of up to 500 metres above sea level. So the animals could be filmed completely undisturbed. at the same time, breath-taking nature shots offered the viewers, which were never seen in this way. Also this is a high-resolution image of the extra class our Earth - the movie wallpaper 1.

Description of the version: Wallpaper Unsere Erde - Der Film

The film "Our Earth" shows impressively beautiful shots of landscapes and animals in their natural habitat. He will tell you the history of four animal families, fighting for their existence and survival in their respective Habitat. With the download, you can get a selection of the most beautiful images on your computer and set this either as a background image. With the new functionality of the Download Manager, download is very easy.

Download wallpaper of 'Our Earth' very easy:

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• High download speed
• License and service free of charge
• Improved functionalities
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