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  • Windows 2008 Beta Preview

Vystal is a convincing optical illusion of Windows Vista on your XP or 2000 machine.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 28.02.2011


With Vystal your calculator looks just like Windows Vista was installed. Below is still the "old" XP or 2000 with its usual functions and reliability, but outside it gets the cooler look of Windows Vista. Different available skins in Vystal you can perfectly match your PC the Vista outfit and design your own skins in addition to the available through the new editor. And of course, work the skins with Vista itself, that is to say, you can run Vystal to a Windows Vista PC.

The available skins are the design glass, liquid, ice and smoke. The name promise that keep the skins here. The individual designs are consistently implemented and give you an each completely new look for your XP desktop. By improving the algorithms in Vystal, also the blur effect now as well as on all video cards is turned off. This means, moving objects on the screen, more produce so icons or all Windows, no display problems. It is not blurred or out of focus and leaves no hard or similar behind. You can also easily postpone the window with the current version on the edge of the screen, and also this is due the current improvements to. By using the supplied skins the illusion with Vystal is perfect, because it changed the program icons, the window and the start menu.

The skin Editor, which is available as a plug in's new in the current version of Vystal. With this, you can change the available skins or create completely new skins. Here you can decide whether and how Vystal and the Windows Vista look to be applied to individual applications. In addition to the editor, there are other plug-in, which also contribute to Vystal complement and further customize the desktop of your computer. But just try Vystal. You can start the download directly from our site using the download function.

Features of Vystal

• different Windows theme
• allows the Vista look
• new feeling for the desktop
• Editor to create your own skins
• Freeware
• for Windows XP / 2000 / Vista

Wallpapers to Vystal

Windows Vista was known especially for his new interface and appearance. This brought some improvements that are available with Vystal also for the Windows XP and Windows 2000 Desktop.

Description of the version: Vystal

The new version of Vystal brings a number of innovations, giving you even better representation of the Windows Vista look and feel make your XP system. A completely new core developed for the system, making the system faster and more powerful. Also improves the appearance of the skin by the new skinning engine, and by the new skin editor you can create your own skins or modify existing.

Features of the current version 2008 Beta Preview of Vystal

• New software core, faster and more efficiently
• Improved rendering of skins
• New skin Editor, which you can use to edit skins or recreate.

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