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The volcano 3D Screensaver brings you a virtual eruption on the PC.



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Vulkan 3D Bildschirmschoner

The volcano 3D Screensaver brings red glowing lava over your monitor. While the volcano 3D Screensaver offers ever-changing perspectives. You can follow with the volcano 3D Screensaver the virtual eruption of a volcano on an imaginary South Sea Island up close.

Different background images can impact the volcano eruption, the volcano 3D Screensaver creates virtual, very impressive. You can hear the rumblings even through the audio file included with the volcano 3D screensaver, which announces the next volcanic eruption in the background. The pictures show you how the volcano spits fire constantly. Here you have panoramas in the volcano 3D Screensaver showing the volcano in its whole imposing size. Other images show the lava flow, as he is glowing ENT runs through the Palm Beach. Work breaks make fun with the volcano 3D screensaver. The ever-changing images and sounds create an almost menacing-looking atmosphere and offer as a welcome change to the often monotonous screen work.

If you want to download the volcano 3D screensaver with its manifold possibilities on your computer, you can now click on the download button. Follow the installation instructions that appear on your screen. The volcano 3D Screensaver automatically puts himself under the choices in Windows. With the right mouse button, click anywhere on the desktop and selecting your new screen saver in the settings for the screen saver mode. You need to set only the chronological sequence of the volcano 3D Screensaver automatically to turn, and you got a virtual volcano on your desktop. The trial version is available free for downloading for time unlimited use. And occasionally appear registration instructions that do not diminish the fun on this program but.

The volcano 3D screensaver and its features:

• Different motifs
•Built-in audio file
• Good graphical representation
• Easy installation
• Direct integration with Windows
• Free trial

System requirements and download

The volcano 3D Screensaver works with the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Your processor should be clocked with at least 1.3 GHz and you need DirectX version 9.0 or higher. The trial version of this screensaver download size is 8.9 megabytes.

Description of the version: Vulkan 3D Bildschirmschoner

With the volcano 3D screensaver, an impressive and breathtaking scenery will appear on your screen: volcanic eruptions in a picturesque atmosphere. Watch as the lava hot spread out over the beautiful Palm Beach. New outbreaks of the huge volcano will be announced by a tremendous rumble. With just under 9 MB, the file is very large and can be downloaded but still relatively quickly.

The brand new volcano 3D screensaver:

With realistic depictions of the outbreaks, he creates a striking atmosphere •
• Underline the natural phenomenon of eerie cool sound effects
• Systems: Win98 / 98SE / 2000 / ME / XP; Processor: at least 1.4 GHz

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Screenshots: Vulkan 3D Bildschirmschoner

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