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  • Windows 1.72

Volumouse allows access to the volume control via simple keyboard shortcuts.



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Volumouse is a tiny little software program with a wide range of functions. From now on you can simply control your sound card in the PC with a wide range of useful keyboard shortcuts.

Daily work on your computer makes it necessary that you your devices settings as for example to the sound card quickly and easily can make. Depending on you bet more tools for the effective control of your operating system, the more clearly you will can speed up your work processes. This applies also to Volumouse, a useful little software helpers, with you at all times have access to your main sound settings. You can define in advance which you not more cumbersome click on devices and which channels you would like to have access, and need it in future on the volume control. Define a few quick shortcuts and go for changes on the volume also from ongoing programs. No border is used the effective control of your computer with Volumouse.

With Volumouse, you can change the volume, for example, by simply turning the mouse wheel. Thus, no tedious clicking necessary is more on the volume control. The tool detects also combinations of mouse and keyboard, so that you don't have to change your old ones. Define a whole new combination that you use only in connection with this handy tool.

The development of Volumouse
The Volumouse software project is driven by the programmers of NirSoft. This team is responsible for a large number of tools that revolve around the issue of facilitation of everyday of work with the computer. Volumouse is developed further constantly under free license.

Description of the version: Volumouse

With the new version 1.72 of Volumouse will be you even easier access to the volume control Windows. You can define from now on up to 12 different rules according to which the volume and other parameters changes. Volumouse supports now also the 64-bit versions of the operating systems by Microsoft. If you want to, you can define the volume now instead generally only for certain applications. The use of Volumouse is thus even more precise.

The new features of Volumouse 1.72

• Up to 12 different rules can be defined
• Support for all current 64-bit systems
• Volume can be changed now differentiated according to application

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