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The download full version: death rally includes a remake of the racing game from the 90s.



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Vollversion: Death Rally

Full version: Death rally is a racing game with action character. Your car more and more pimp up and blow enemies off the track so that you're the sole winner at the end.

With the full version: Death rally you can really accelerate and marginalize your opponents with targeted moves from the track. The Acionrennspiel is played from the so-called bird's eye view. From the top, you have everything in sight. Make sure that your competitors don't get too close to get and use the tools of your race car, to emerge victorious from the battles. Full version: Death rally offers you different race tracks, where you can go full speed. All means are allowed in the battle for the victory. So you can for example with hidden weapons on your race car shoot the opponent off the track, destroying their cars or just send them with momentum from the road into the ditch. To be able to beef up your car, you need money. You get if you successfully go forth out of the race. Each victory brings you closer to the total so a piece. This make sure yet, that you stay even on the track and not give up your leadership.

Full version: Death rally is a remake of the famous game dating back to 1996. In all that time, it has lost nothing in topicality and remains an exciting and action-packed racing game. Full version: Death rally has a file size of total 41.6 MB and is designed for operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The program language is English. With the successful remake of the action racing game you're guaranteed a few entertaining hours in which you yourself with patience and concentration to the winner of the race course.

Description of the version: Vollversion: Death Rally

The basic version of death rally for the PC includes all the features of the famous racing game. Choose from the different race tracks, choose a character and sweep away all your opponents from the race track. This full version by the bird's eye view, which allows you an exceptional overview of the routes is particularly exciting. Exactly, you can estimate when you need to use the weapons of your car, to achieve maximum success and meet your enemies in the right place.

Overview of the features of the full version: death rally

• Ausahl from multiple tracks
• Beef up the racing cars through the use of earn money
• Particularly vividly, by the bird's eye view
• Clear feature bar at the edge of the game

Vollversion: Death Rally vollversion-death-rally

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