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Full version: Ashampoo Home Designer enables a practical and realistic design of the apartment.



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Vollversion: Ashampoo Home Designer

In the full version: You just can't plan complete the creation of your own home Ashampoo Home Designer. The individual rooms are represented in 3D and can be designed according to your personal preferences.

Full version: Ashampoo Home Designer is the right thing for those who enjoy the planning and setting up or actually move into a new house or a new apartment and need help with the design. With the full version: Ashampoo Home Designer can be planned the establishment of completely on the computer without calculator, pen and Notepad. For this you must specify just the mass and the future housing in a realistic 3D is shown. Then planning to go been immediately. There are various objects available, which you can adjust accordingly and in the living room. You're simply into the objects in the window and puts it in the desired place. While the units are calculated exactly so that you can directly see which piece of furniture on which course fits. Windows and doors are taken into account. You need a better overview, you can even desire to put people in the room to clarify the size and space available. An another extra: Even the shadow can be calculated which allows an optimal supply of light for the future apartment.

Overall, the full version is: Ashampoo Home Designer is very easy to use, even if you must get used once to the intuitive control system. Have you completed the first draft, you can visit the apartment of a realistic 3D-Ich-Perspektive. If you like, just save it as a PDF or bitmap and use the plan for setting up your real apartment.

Description of the version: Vollversion: Ashampoo Home Designer

Full version: Ashampoo Home Designer is the first version of the practical Wohnungsdesignprogramms. She's waiting with numerous convenient features such as a clear 3D perspective, an exact dimensional faithful representation, automatic calculation of scale and further extras such as the reliable calculation of the light supply, adding virtual people to demonstrate proportions and the real-life person, which gives an ideal overview.

The features of the full version Ashampoo home design version 1.0

• Optimal planning of the own apartment design
• Realistic 3D perspective
• Consideration and exact calculation of all relevant dimensions
• Impressive 3D-Ich-Perspektive
• Simple insertion of furniture, Windows and doors

Vollversion: Ashampoo Home Designer vollversion-ashampoo-home-designer

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