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In the full version: You have to save a colony of humans from the aliens alien swarm.



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  • Updated: 23.10.2013

Vollversion: Alien Swarm

In the full version: Alien swarm you fight alone or in a team many aliens to save a human colony. For this purpose, the action-packed shooter game delivers a great graphics with impressive effects.

Full version: Alien swarm is the brother of the game alien breed impact and can be downloaded as well on steam. You will need for the installation of the game online access as well as a steam account. And you're ready to go. So you could get a feel for the isometric perspective (bird's eye view), you can complete an offline mission first.

In online mode, you can then join with three other competitors against the aliens. Before you can choose between seven different maps, as well as the choice of your character class. While an officer with assault rifle, as well as a welder, a special weapons, a paramedic and a technician available friends. According to your selection, it immediately enters the fight. By alien killings as well as relief efforts you can collect many experience points. Thus, new weapons and clothes are released. Overall, it's be can unlocked more than forty weapons as well as equipment. In addition, you can get 64 achievements during the game. If you get killed during the fight, you look to your competitors up to the end of the fight. By inserting your tactical skills and work together with your colleagues, the full version is: alien swarm to master very well. Also the aliens attack usually frontal and the missions are similar. As well, the full version includes: alien swarm also some tricky moments. Boredom does not occur here.

Full version: Alien swarm comes from the springs of the famous teams of developers valve have developed at that time already the popular game half-life. So the shooter game promises a lot of fun.

Description of the version: Vollversion: Alien Swarm

After you you created your steam account and the full version: downloaded alien swarm, it can even go. Choose your character class and draw with three other players in the fight against the evil aliens. Over time more and more weapons unlocks you. New clothes you then becomes available. Also, you can get extra experience points through relief efforts. Alien swarm is a successful shooter game, which is played from a bird's perspective.

Features and highlights of alien swarm

• Graphics: Isometric perspective (bird's eye)
• Activation of more than 40 weapons
• Selecting between 4 different character classes
• 7 different maps
• Collect experience points
• Single - or multiplayer mode

Vollversion: Alien Swarm vollversion-alien-swarm

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