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The ability to test extensively gives you the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version.



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Vokabeltrainer von Langenscheidt - Demoversion

The vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version, you can easily and without any obligation on the Internet download friends and test extensively. You can learn both English as well as French, Italian and Spanish vocabulary with the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version. Additionally, the area of the business English available suits you in English. The trial version contains only limited vocabulary files, that is to say, that per language only a chapter containing approximately 45 vocabulary is included. For each language, there are separate dictionaries, which are reduced at the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version but on the letter "A".

While the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version is limited in its functionality, but you can use, if you've downloaded it once, indefinitely. You can enter with three own vocabulary files demo version on the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - per maximum 50 words.

You can download the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version with or without speech recognition. All demo vocabulary are also set to music on this release: so you can train not only the correct spelling, but also the correct pronunciation. You can test the SmartAudio function on this vocabulary by Langenscheidt - demo version. On the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version parallel maximum of three user can log on. You need at least Windows 2000 as the operating system, to use the vocabulary trainer.

Vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version: the most important features at a glance

• multiple languages available
• with or without speech recognition available
• each language a vocabulary file with approximately 45 vocabulary available
• maximum of three users can work in parallel
• free of charge
• Operating system: at least. Windows 2000 required

Vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version: about the full version

While the vocabulary of Langenscheidt - demo version are you only very limited functionality, you can use the full range of the software with the full version. So you can import, for example, vocabulary from the Internet or from older versions of vocabulary in the software and also the word export is possible. While in the vocabulary builder demo version different languages are included by Langenscheidt -, the full versions only for a language are available. The full version also contains images for tutorials or even entertaining memo games to make learning easy and playful as possible.

Description of the version: Vokabeltrainer von Langenscheidt - Demoversion

With the current vocabulary by Langenscheidt, you can learn six different languages. The demo version gives you a first impression. Basic and advanced vocabulary have been extended and completely set to music. In addition, you can assemble voiced and visualized learning units to you according to your wishes and transfer to your MP3 player, or on your mobile phone. You can create learning files and print and practice with new innovative games.

Innovations by Langenscheidt vocabulary trainer

• complete setting of the German and foreign-language vocabulary
• effective flashcard system printables
• voiced conjugation trainer
• Audio lessons on MP3 players can be played
• innovative games
• targeted training of pronunciation learning unit "Listening and speaking"

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